Lady Gaga approached for Muppets movie cameo

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Russell Brand reprises his character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall in this hilarious comedy. Jonah Hill plays Aaron Green, a record company intern whose tasked with going to London and escorting British rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) back to the Greek Theatre for a comeback concert. Along the way he must deal with the star's appetite for women and partying as they make unintended stopovers in New York and Las Vegas. Green's boss, Sergio Roma, is played by a surprisingly funny Sean Combs.
December 16th, 2010

Lady Gaga is set to have a cameo role in the new 'Muppets' movie.

The eccentric singer appeared on the red carpet with the movie's star Kermit the Frog at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and now producers are keen for them to reunite on the big-screen.

Actor Jason Segel - who is signed up for the movie - said: "We are hoping to get Lady Gaga, but we hadn't heard anything yet. I literally don't know."

As well as the Lady Gaga rumours, Jason also addressed reports the film - which will be the first franchise movie since 1999 - will be in 3-D, saying he didn't think it would happen.

He told MTV News: "I don't think it will be in 3-D. Maybe you'll play this back in a year and see I was wrong. My goal is make it like the 70s, early 80s Muppet movies, so I don't want there to be any 3-D, personally."

As well as starring in the film, Jason has written the script alongside Nicholas Stoller, who penned 'Get Him to the Greek'.