P. Diddy wants more comedy roles

January 17th, 2011

P. Diddy wants to do more comedy films.

The hip-hop superstar has tried his hand at more serious acting in the past, appearing in 'Monster's Ball' and on the Broadway stage, but after a role in 'Get Him to the Greek, he is keen to show off his funny side much more.

He told MTV News: "I've done a lot of drama mostly my whole career, with Broadway and 'Monster's Ball' and stuff like that - my short little career. But when I did 'Get Him to the Greek,' I really fell in love with making people laugh. I have a knack for improvisation, and hopefully I'll be able to make people laugh more."

In 'Get Him to the Greek', Diddy played a foul-mouthed record executive and his comedy skills impressed his co-stars.

Jonah Hill said: "We were saying Diddy's kind of the McLovin of 'Get Him to the Greek.' You don't know what he's going to do. Every time he breathes in the movie, it garners a huge laugh."

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