MOTW: Should "Ghostbusters" Ever Be Re-Made?

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures
January 17th, 2014

"Ghostbusters" is a classic film that crosses genre lines and entertains movie fans across all ages. This piece of cinematic genius is often lauded as a work of comedic art, but those who are particularly fond of the film know its genre-bending thrills and chills combined with outrageous comedy make for a truly unique movie-going experience. That is why the movie should never be remade.

"Ghostbusters" is a genuinely scary, funny and adventurous piece of cinema providing an equal amount of scares and laughs. The movie, released in 1984, stars comedy superstars Bill Murray, Dan Aykyroyd and Rick Moranis. These talents are joined by Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts. All told, these amazing cast members make for a movie experience that cannot be matched.

The film focuses on a group of washed-up scientists looking for a way to cash in on the upsurge in paranormal activity occurring throughout New York City. The team takes shape amidst a slew of wild ideas and innovative, fantastical hardware, all of which is meant to aid with the capture and study of ghosts. The group goes on a slew of increasingly outlandish and light-hearted adventures, encountering roving poltergeists and deterring degenerate ghouls, which leads them on the most epic of quests to get the girl and save the world.

All told, "Ghostbusters" provides all the quintessential tropes and most important memes for a film of its genre. In fact, the movie bridges so many different themes that it makes for a delightful viewing experience for a huge variety of media consumers. The movie encompasses comedy through its ongoing slapstick and one-liners, horror in the form of its increasingly creepy ghosts, action and adventure through the pursuit of more challenging ghouls and fantasy thanks to its heavy use of the supernatural. There is even a sci-fi element built into the technology the Ghostbusters use for capturing and studying ghosts.

The movie also features a unique romantic love triangle that is sure to lure a few laughs. Dr. Peter Venkman, as played by Bill Murray, is very clearly chasing after Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver), while at the same time the far more nerdy Louis Tulley (Rick Moranis) is also desperately trying to court her. These two continually play counterpoint with one sporting nerdy glasses and twill jackets while the other shoots ghosts and acts like a renegade. The chemistry on-screen makes for a special romance that adds both humor and weight to the film.

There are also many ongoing jokes throughout the movie that make it a period piece while relating to audiences of all ages and time periods. These consistent laughs make the movie accessible to every age group that views it, increasing watchability. The main characters are always offering up comedic one-liners and playing off one another, thereby building an increasingly funny viewing experience. This makes "Ghostbusters" one of the best comedy films of its genre.

At the same time, the film has more than its share of scary moments and adventurous interludes. By mixing so many different types of cinema, "Ghostbusters" is able to bridge a variety of different boundaries, allowing the movie to appeal to a huge cross-section of people. By touching on a variety of standard film genres, the movie is able to appeal to all moviegoers. This makes it a classic cinematic experience that cannot be replicated or reproduced.

Trying to recreate the magic of "Ghostbusters" is a mistake. It is impossible to reproduce the same quality of movie experience or provide the quality of cast, strength of writing or type of genre-bridging experience found in the original. This movie has helped clear the way for more films of its kind, encouraging producers and writers to create movies that fall into many different genres instead of sticking to a primary category. This quality alone has made "Ghostbusters" a true classic that cannot be replicated.

"Ghostbusters" is a unique film that crosses into many different genres and appeals to a broad variety of movie viewers. This makes it an ideal choice for casual viewing, movie nights or large get-togethers and celebrations. There are so many subtle jokes and cute one-liners interspersed throughout the film that it makes for a different viewing experience every time it is screened. The comedy-classic is appreciated for its genre-bending uniqueness and insane originality as well as its strong characters and great performances. "Ghostbusters" is such a special movie that it should never be remade. No film can ever be better than the original.