Movie Review: Ghosts That Hunt Back

March 2nd, 2012

Movie Review: Ghosts That Hunt Back

What is it about a veil of darkness that at any moment can strike terror into our very soul? Is it the sight of emptiness that evokes something inside us effecting our senses confusing what we see and hear ? Or, maybe there really is something sinister hidden within the black abyss and maybe it has it’s eyes on you. For Brad Marion and the investigators at “Xtreme Paranormal” it may even be hunting them back...

Not to many people know the feeling of coming into contact with the paranormal, and that’s maybe why many people don’t feel the danger. Brad Marion is quite the skeptic but recently he purchased some farm property rumored to have a history of devil worshiping and murders. Curiosity gets the better of him and decides to hire the investigators at “Xtreme Paranormal” to rid his land of any unwanted guests. Little did Brad and the team know how deathly dangerous the dark woods can be.

The film begins as Clayton Andrews (a news reporter played by Altorro Prince Black) interviews Brad on national TV about the tragic events that took place when the team investigated his property. The audience is then taken through the eerie footage of the four teams of investigators that risked their lives to hunt down the unexplainable.

Director Tom Townsend does a good job at making the movie feel realistic and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Tom of course is no stranger to suspense after acting in movies like New Moon, Body of Lies, and The Dark Knight. Not to mention he has directed the horror films Zombie Doomsday and Another Zombie Flick. The actors in Ghosts That Hunt Back did a good job portraying the typical “skeptical” attitude toward the danger of ghosts, but start shaking in there boots as soon as danger arrives. Aside from the fact that it was a bit too long for me, it had good directing, composing and acting for this style of movie. I think director Tom Townsend and the actors had a ton of fun making this production and fans of the genre should give it a go.