Glenn Close couldn't do rom-coms

February 28th, 2012

Glenn Close doesn't ''have the face'' for romantic comedies.

The legendary actress - who plays a woman pretending to be a man during 19th century Ireland in new drama 'Albert Nobbs' - admits she is unlikely ever to be a lead in such a film because she doesn't suit the look usually associated with them.

She said: ''I don't have the body or the face for romantic comedies, so I've never been offered those.

''The challenge is that a lot of people see you only as your last character, so you're constantly competing with whatever your last movie was.''

Glenn lost out on an Oscar for her performance in the movie to Meryl Streep on Sunday (26.02.12), and admits she has never put so much work into one picture.

She added: to the Portland Press Herald ''I've never done this much in one film before. I bought the material, I put the team together, I found the money to finance it.

''The obstacles were like those faced by any indie film that goes way outside of any formula - you've got to get people to understand the power of the story. Plus, it was tough for people to envision me as a butler!''