Drew Barrymore turning into co-star

August 28th, 2010

Drew Barrymore thinks she and Christina Applegate are morphing together.

The former child actress - who plays the sister of the 'Samantha Who' star in new romantic comedy 'Going The Distance' - admits she was shocked to realise they were starting to look alike after working together so closely.

Drew said: "I thought it was interesting, I felt like we started to really look alike, which I thought was cool. I loved when people cast siblings where it's actually feasible could have come from the same womb, so I felt like we started to morph."

The pair have been friends for years since attending dance classes together as children.

Drew explained: "We used to be in a dance class together when we were kids, but she looked really good in spandex and I did not. I've known her forever. We have a lot of parallels. It worked for us."

The 38-year-old actress loved working on the comedy film, but admits she was shocked by how "real" the emotions of her character felt to her.

Drew said: "I just feel like, I personally want something that I can escape into and forget what's going on around me, but I don't want to lose sight of being able to relate to something. So for me I just want that beautiful, striking balance and I feel like this film has that.

"I'm laughing, but I'm crying and relating and emotional about it. I feel like it gets surprisingly real, but then it does come and save you and make you laugh."