Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
February 18th, 2013

Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

During the weekend of February 15, "A Good Day to Die Hard" rose to the top of box office rankings. The action film earned $25 million. Combined with earnings from its Valentine's Day opening, "A Good Day to Die Hard" has earned more than $33 million. When John McClane learns that his estranged son is in trouble, he heads to Moscow. What McClane does not realize is that his son is part of a much bigger conflict, one that could end in catastrophe. The film's R rating is due to language and violence.

"Safe Haven" brought in $21,430,000 over the weekend, with total earnings of more than $30 million. Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel, the film follows a young woman named Katie who arrives at a North Carolina town and hopes to make a fresh start. Even as she begins to open up to her neighbors, she still has to hide an ominous secret about her past. "Safe Haven" has a PG-13 rating for mature content, violence, and thematic elements that involve threatening behavior.

"Escape from Planet Earth" earned $16,066,000 during its debut weekend in theaters. Scorch Supernova is ready to take on any challenge. When he walks right into a trap, however, Scorch ends up stranded on a terrifying planet known as Earth. It is up to Scorch's nerdy brother to save him from the hostile earthlings. The family-friendly flick has a PG rating for mild rude humor and action.

"Beautiful Creatures" saw earnings of $7,460,000 over the weekend, with overall profits of more than $10 million. When Ethan meets Lena, he feels drawn to her quiet yet mysterious personality. As he gets to know her, he learns that Lena is no ordinary high school student. She has formidable powers, but she still has to learn to control them. The romantic fantasy has a PG-13 rating for scary images, violence, and some mature content.

Continuing Films

"Identity Thief" made $23,437,000 in box office profits over the weekend. Despite a slew of new films, the comedy remained in second place. Overall, the movie has earned more than $70 million during its two week run. Jason Bateman stars as Sandy Patterson, an average guy with a nice job. By the time Sandy realizes that his bank accounts are empty, the woman who stole his identity is enjoying the good life. She will not give up without a fight. The R rating is due to mature content and language.

"Warm Bodies" brought in $9 million, with total earnings now reaching more than $50 million. When Julie is busy fighting zombies, she never expects that she may actually fall in love with one. To her surprise, though, she feels a true connection with R. As their bond grows, things begin to change on a level Julie could not have imagined. The zombie romance has a PG-13 rating for zombie violence and language.

"Side Effects" saw an additional $6,307,000 over the weekend. Earnings now total more than $19 million. When Emily seeks the services of a psychiatrist to help her deal with her mounting anxiety, the doctor prescribes a medication called Ablixa. Although Ablixa initially pulls Emily out of her depression, it also unleashes a chain of terrifying events. Mature content, nudity, violence, and language contribute to the film's R rating.

Movies to DVD

"Argo" is available on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, February 19. The Oscar-nominated film takes place during the Iran hostage crisis of 1979. With six United States citizens hiding out and hoping for rescue, a CIA exfiltration specialist has to get creative and figure out how to save the refugees without arousing too much suspicion. "Argo" has an R rating for violent images and language.

"Anna Karenina" stars Keira Knightley in the eponymous role. Beautiful Anna Karenina seems to have the whole world at her feet. When she falls for a handsome count, the married woman lets her heart rule instead of her head, even if it means that everything she knows is at risk of falling apart. The period drama is rated R for violence and mature content.

"Fun Size" is a teen comedy about Wren, a high school student who might finally get a chance to flirt with her main crush. When her mother orders Wren to go trick-or-treating with her bratty brother, though, Wren sees her plans falling apart. "Fun Size" has a PG-13 rating for partying, language, and crude and suggestive material.

"Sinister" stars Ethan Hawke as a struggling writer who moves his family into a house with an odd history. Although he is happy to have a home he can afford, Ellison soon realizes that the house's dark history has not yet come to an end. Thanks to terror and disturbing violent images, the horror movie has an R rating.