Jackie Chan saddened by Robin Williams' death

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck co-scripted and star in this drama, about rebellious 20-year-old MIT janitor Will Hunting (Damon), gifted with a photographic memory, who hangs out with his South Boston bar buddies and his affluent British girlfriend Skylar (Minnie Driver). After MIT professor Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) stumps students with a math formula on a hallway blackboard, Will anonymously leaves the correct solution, prompting Lambeau to track the elusive young genius. As Will's problems with the police escalate, Lambeau offers an out, but with two conditions -- visits to a therapist and weekly math sessions. Will agrees to the latter but refuses to cooperate with a succession of therapists. Lambeau then contacts his former classmate, therapist Sean McGuire (Robin Williams), an instructor at Bunker Hill Community College. Both are equally stubborn, but Will is finally forced to deal with both his past and his future.
August 12th, 2014

Jackie Chan says the death of Robin Williams is like losing his ''best friend''.

Chan never got the opportunity to work with Williams, but was a huge fan of the 'Good Will Hunting' star and is saddened by the news of his passing.

He told 'Good Morning Britain': ''I didn't work with him. I met him for the first time at the Oscars a long time ago. I was standing in the green room and at that time my English was not very good.

''I see so many people in front of me and suddenly [I hear], 'Jackie Chan! [I'm a] big fan!' I didn't respond because it was Robin Williams. [I said], 'I'm a big fan, great to see you.' And then he was gone.''

Although Chan's encounter with Williams was only fleeting, he admits that the death - which is believed to be caused by suicide via asphyxiation - has affected him.

He added: ''I don't really know him, but I think today I've lost my best friend.''

This sentiment has been echoed by Steven Spielberg, who collaborated with him on 'Hook' and was also a long-time friend of the star.

He said: ''Robin was a lightning storm of comic genius and our laughter was the thunder that sustained him. He was a pal and I can't believe he's gone.''