The Top Ten Films for Fall

Photo Credit: Miramax Films
November 21st, 2013

The Top Ten Films for Fall

There's no better time to curl up with a great movie and some popcorn than when the leaves change and the temperatures get cooler. Whether you live on the sunny coast or in the middle of the frozen tundra, these great films are sure to get you in the mood to sip some hot apple cider and enjoy the changing season.

"The Princess Bride"

There's just something about the atmosphere of this cult classic comedy film that puts you in the mood for fall. Watching Cary Elwes and his misfit band of adventurers make their way through the foliage of a dense forest to rescue the princess never seems to get old. This film is full of comedy gold, featuring some of the most-often-quoted lines in movie history. Fall is a time for nostalgia, and this is a great film to pop into the DVD player so that you can brush up on your favorite lines.


Michael Myers is a Halloween icon, so no list of fall films would be complete without mentioning him. In the film, Jamie Lee Curtis plays Laurie Strode, a naïve teenager who is stalked by a ruthless killer recently escaped from a mental ward. "Halloween" may have been remade, but nothing compares to this original horror film with all its camp and spooky jump scares.

"Good Will Hunting"

This classic film is set in the heart of Massachusetts during the fall, leading to plenty of picturesque shots that serve as the perfect backdrop for its brilliant story. New England fall draws visitors from around the world, so it's no surprise that it was chosen as the setting for this thoughtful, melancholic film.

"500 Days of Summer"

Contrary to what the title may suggest, "500 Days of Summer" is the perfect film to enjoy during the autumn season. In fact, the film utilizes the changing seasons as characters in their own right. The movie chronicles the lives of Tom and Summer as the young couple moves through the various seasons of their relationship. By the time fall rolls around, their love begins to change as dramatically as the foliage around them.


Fall is the time when parents rejoice as students reluctantly head back to the hallowed halls of academia, making fall the perfect time to watch some classic films about school life. This film follows Max Fischer, a young and ambitious student, and uses the changing of the seasons to parallel the social and emotional changes he experiences as the story progresses.

"You've Got Mail"

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in this charming romance that takes place in New York during the fall. While spring is considered the season of love, this film challenges that notion, suggesting fall as a delightful time to spark up a new romance.

"The Village"

"The Village" takes place in a small, picturesque, and isolated village, surrounded by a beautiful forest that conjures up all the ideal images of fall. From gorgeous leaves to gorgeous chilly-weather costumes, "The Village" is a must-see film for the autumn season.


Fall is the perfect time for chills and thrills, even long after Halloween has passed. The 2013 "Carrie" remake is the perfect fall film to catch in theaters, featuring the same great plot elements of the original film with a very modern twist. "Carrie" is more psychological than most horror films, making it the perfect late-fall offering for those who are burnt out on Halloween slashers but still want a dose of terror.

"The Fifth Estate"

Fall is full of energy and the desire to change, making political thrillers a particularly popular viewing option. "The Fifth Estate" is an intellectual thriller starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange, founder and leader of WikiLeaks, the news source that changed the world of information and security forever. The film is full of chilly scenery and the rich, saturated colors of fall, and the fast-paced storyline fits well with the hectic pace of this time of year.

"Insidious: Chapter 2"

Picking up where the first film left off, this psychological horror delves deep into the concepts of astral projection and the afterlife. While some horror films feel best reserved for Halloween, "Insidious: Chapter 2" has enough mass appeal to make it an exciting fall thrill ride long after the holiday has passed.

These great films will help you get in the mood for fall, featuring beautiful backdrops and fresh storylines. From comedies and horrors to independent romantic comedies, fall is a great time to change things up and add something new to your DVD collection.