Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
October 7th, 2013

Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

"Gravity" rose to the top of the box office rankings during the weekend of October 4, earning $55,550,000. After an accident leaves a medical engineer and a veteran astronaut adrift in outer space, the two have to fight against the clock to save themselves from a terrifying fate. Without any way to call for help, the two struggle to survive in the immense and uncaring void of outer space. The tense film has a PG-13 rating for intense perilous sequences, disturbing images, and brief strong language.

"Runner Runner" landed in third place during the weekend, with solid earnings of $7,600,000. The film stars Justin Timberlake as a grad student who takes a huge gamble on his financial future. After he loses at an online poker match, Richie soon figures out that he may have been cheated. What begins as a quest for vengeance soon evolves into something much more complex. "Runner Runner" has an R rating for mature content and language.

Continuing Films

"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" continued to perform well at theaters, taking in an additional $21,500,000 in box office earnings. Flint Lockwood is trying to put his past behind him. He has a new job and lives in a new town. But the FLDSMDFR is still creating havoc back on Swallow Falls, and before long Flint has to face his past problems. Along the way, he'll make some hilarious new mistakes. Overall, the family film has brought in more than $60 million. The film's PG rating is due to mild rude humor.

"Prisoners" saw profits of $5,700,000, bringing total earnings to more than $47 million. With his young daughter and her friend missing, a family man makes a tough decision. Not satisfied with the way the authorities are handling the confusing case, Keller Dover takes matters into his own hands. As it turns out, his rash actions could only lead to more grief and trauma. Language and disturbing violence that includes torture contributes to the R rating.

"Rush" took in $4,408,000, bringing box office profits to over $18 million. James Hunt enjoys his life as a Formula One racer. His reputation as a playboy and a partier precedes him, earning Hunt plenty of attention. One person isn't impressed by Hunt's charm, though, and that's Austrian racer Niki Lauda. The two develop an intense rivalry, spurring each other to epic races. The film's R rating is due to nudity, mature content, disturbing images, language, and some drug use.

"Don Jon" earned $4,160,000. In total, the movie has brought in over $16 million. Jon meets the girl of his dreams. However, he has a big secret, creating distance between him and his girlfriend. His porn addiction affects the way Jon views reality, hindering him from forming a healthy relationship. Jon will have to overcome his expectations if he wants to grow as a person. The unconventional romantic comedy has an R rating for graphic mature content and dialogue, nudity, some drug use, and language.

Movies to DVD

"The Hangover Part III" arrives out on DVD and BluRay on Tuesday, October 8. The Wolfpack is back in action. After Alan loses his father under unfortunate circumstances, he spirals out of control. It's up to his friends to try to get Alan back on track and save the day. Unfortunately, the pals will first have to contend with a figure from their past. The third film in the irreverent franchise has an R rating for pervasive language, mature references, drug use, violence, and brief graphic nudity.

"The Purge" is an eerie horror movie about what happens when evil is allowed to run unchecked. During a brief annual period, citizens are free to commit whatever crimes they wish without repercussion. For some people, that includes murderous rampages. One family ends up caught in the middle of mayhem and destruction. "The Purge" has an R rating for language and strong disturbing violence.

"After Earth" stars Will Smith as General Raige, a tough man who expects only the best from his son, Kitai. When the two have to make a crash landing on the now hostile Earth, it is up to Raige's son to save both their lives. Kitai will have to face his biggest fears. The film's PG-13 rating is due to disturbing images and sci-fi action and violence.

In "The Lifeguard," a disillusioned woman on the cusp of her thirtieth birthday moves back to her hometown. Although she expects to find comfort and familiarity, Leigh instead learns the hard way that she can never truly escape from her responsibilities. A controversial romance with a local teen only complicates matters for Leigh. The movie has an R rating for mature content, brief graphic nudity, drug use, a disturbing image, and language, some of which involves teens.