It's Almost the Weekend! What Will You See?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
May 9th, 2013

It's Almost the Weekend! What Will You See?

"The Great Gatsby" hits theaters on Friday, May 10. Baz Lurhmann's interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic 1920s novel adds modern sparkle to a timeless tale of privilege, identity, and desire. When Nick Carraway arrives at Long Island, the unassuming young man quickly becomes enamored with the enigmatic Jay Gatsby. Gatsby leads a lavish lifestyle, seemingly immune to the harshness of the world. As Nick begins to grow closer to Gatsby, however, he starts to wonder whether the man is really as secure in his status as he seems. "The Great Gatsby" has a PG-13 rating for brief language, partying, smoking, mature content and violent imagery.

"Peeples" is a new comedy from director Tina Gordon Chism. Wade and Grace are madly in love. Wade hears wedding bells, but one big obstacle stands in the way of the couple's future happiness. Grace's intimidating family will not accept just any suitor. After Wade shows up at the family reunion, his attempts to impress Grace's family end in one disaster after another. The film's PG-13 rating is due to language, drug material, and mature content.

"Sightseers" opens in select theaters on May 10. The dark British comedy follows Chris and Tina, an unconventional couple who head out to see the world. At first, their vacation is about as idyllic as anyone could hope for. But when Chris makes a shocking decision, the two realize that they will have to change their plans if they want to escape the consequences. Nothing, however, can dampen their romantic feelings for each other. "Sightseers" is not yet rated. Ben Wheatley directs.

"Aftershock" stars Eli Roth, who also wrote the crime thriller. Nicolas Lopez directs the tale of a group of three friends who head to Chile to enjoy the scenery. When an earthquake leaves a city devastated, the friends barely escape. It soon becomes clear that the natural disaster itself is not as dangerous as what comes next. Escaped prisoners run loose, terrorizing fellow survivors. "Aftershock" has an R rating for strong bloody violence, assault, nudity, language, and drug content.

"Java Heat" stars Kellan Lutz as Jake, an FBI agent with military connections. Jake teams up with Hashim, a Muslim police officer, in order to take down a high-profile thief who has pulled off a daring heist. The thief has the Sultan's daughter, and her life hangs in the balance. In addition, Jake and Hashim have to protect the royal treasure. Their adventures take place against the lush backdrop of Indonesia. The film's R rating is due to language, mature references, and violence. Conor Allyn directs.

"No One Lives" is a suspenseful horror film from Ryuhei Kitamura, opening on limited release on May 10. A gang of hardened killers abduct a young couple, imagining they have the upper hand. It does not very take long for the criminals to realize that they do not have much control over the situation. The predators become the prey, unleashing a storm of gory violence. The film's R rating is due to disturbing images, pervasive language, bloody violence, mature content, and nudity.

Continuing Films

In "Iron Man 3," Tony Stark is not his usual cocky self. He needs to regain his confidence as a superhero. A ruthless terrorist known as the Mandarin targets Iron Man. As he struggles to survive and restore peace, Stark wonders if his fight against the Mandarin is just what he needed to get his head back in the game. "Iron Man 3" has a PG-13 rating for intense sci-fi action and violence, plus brief suggestive content. Shane Black directs.

"Pain & Gain" is Michael Bay's latest thriller. Daniel Lugo rallies his fellow gym rats, plotting to make their lives better. The aspiring outlaws plan to kidnap a wealthy client and blackmail him into making their financial dreams come true. When their target proves tougher than they expected, the men find their lives spiraling rapidly out of control. "Pain & Gain" has an R rating for bloody violence, nudity, language, drug use, and crude content.

"42" is an inspiring biopic from director Brian Helgeland. Growing up, Jackie Robinson never thought that he could make it into the major leagues. Though talented, Robinson's race stands as a barrier between him and success as a baseball legend. With the guidance of a team executive, Robinson perseveres and changes history. "42" has a PG-13 rating for thematic elements that include language.

"Oblivion" stars Tom Cruise as one of the last humans left on Earth. After devastating attacks from hostile aliens, the human race has migrated to a space station. Jack is helping salvage the planet's resources, but a chance encounter with a mysterious woman tugs at his memory and changes his outlook. The PG-13 rating is due to brief strong language, sensuality, nudity, and violence.