The Razzie Awards and the 2014 Nominees

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures
January 30th, 2014

The Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as the Razzie Awards, was founded in 1980. The first attendees were 20 or so people who showed up to watch the Oscars in founder John J.B. Wilson’s living room. Wilson is a professional publicist, so he put out a press release about the awards, and the rest is history. The nature of the award is to honor the worst films of the year, including the worst acting performances. Past winners have included Sandra Bullock, who showed up to accept her award as Worst Actress for the film "All About Steve" in 2010. She followed her Razzie Award with a Best Actress win at the Oscars for "The Blind Side" just a day later.

This year, one of the nominees for Worst Picture is "After Earth," starring the father and son duo, Will and Jaden Smith. Tyler Perry’s "A Madea Christmas" also made the list. The remaining nominees are "The Lone Ranger," "Grown-Ups 2" and "Movie 43."

In the category of Worst Actress in a Leading Role, Halle Berry was nominated for two films: "Movie 43" and "The Call." The Razzie Awards are known for their wicked sense of humor, so Tyler Perry is also nominated in the Worst Actress section with his performance in "A Madea Christmas." Oscar nominee Naomi Watts also managed to get two nods for her performances in "Movie 43" and "Diana." Rounding of the actress nominees are Lindsay Lohan and Selena Gomez.

When it comes to the Worst Actor in a Leading Role, look no further than Sylvester Stallone who has a record setting nomination for three separate acting performances, from "Bullet to the Head," "Escape Plan" and "Grudge Match." Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher, Jaden Smith and Adam Sandler join Stallone for their bad acting.

The Razzie Awards also enjoy tossing in some unusual categories in the nominations. This year, the awards also include the Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel. "Hangover 3" topped this list, along with "Scary Movie 5," "Grown Ups 2," "Smurfs 2" and "The Lone Ranger," a film that has a nomination in almost every category of the Razzie Awards.

The awards are not just limited to solo performances; the selection committee also makes it a point to award bad screen combination performances, which it aptly calls the Worst Screen Combo. Lindsay Lohan cannot seem to get a break as she and Charlie Sheen topped the list with their short cameo at the beginning of "Scary Movie 5." Will and Jaden Smith receive not only a nomination in this category, but they also get an added phrase to their nod — "Planet Nepotism."

Directors and writers are also at risk to receive a Razzie Award. This year, Oscar winners and nominees top the Worst Director list, starting with Gore Verbinski and M. Night Shyamalan. Verbinski picked up an Oscar the previous year for the animated film, "Rango," and Shyamalan was nominated for an Oscar for writing and directing the 1999 film "The Sixth Sense." Tyler Perry continues to be a Razzie Award favorite choice for almost everything connected to "A Madea Christmas," including a nomination in the Worst Director section. The same insult continues for the film "Grown Ups 2" with a nomination for its director, Dennis Dugan. The 13 people who directed "Movie 53" do not even merit an individual mention. They are nominated with the name "Those 13 People." When it comes to bad writing, the Razzie Awards’ Worst Screenplay nods go to the same offenders, starting with multiple nominee, "A Madea Christmas." The rest of the contenders are "After Earth," "Grown Ups 2," "Movie 43" and, of course, "The Lone Ranger."

This year, the big winner in nominations is "Grown Ups 2," racking up a whopping nine nominations, one in each category of the Razzie Awards. "A Madea Christmas" and "After Earth" tied for second with six nominations each. Adam Sandler seems to be a regular nominee as he was also nominated the previous year. But the true winner of the most Razzie Award nominations goes to Sylvester Stallone for garnering 31 nominations in his illustrious career.

The Golden Raspberry is traditionally held the night before the Oscar Awards. This year the awards are presented on March 1. The rumor mill is swirling with talks that Adam Sandler might attend the awards ceremony. In 2010, when Sandra Bullock showed up in person to pick up her award, she arrived on stage with a red wagon filled with DVD copies of her film "All About Steve." She joked that she brought copies for all the voters to prove that they were mistaken about her performance. Maybe Adam Sandler will have the same sense of humor if he shows up for the 2014 Razzie Awards.