Guy Ritchie experiments with commercials

October 10th, 2012

Guy Ritchie makes commercials as ''testers'' for his movies.

The 'Sherlock Holmes' director thinks the ''real technical talent'' is in making advertisements and the big budgets allow him to take risks and experiment with new techniques.

He said: ''I've gotta tell you, that's where the real technical talent lies. There aren't many movies where you can spend $3 million on one minute, so when I do a commerical, I can go balls-out and play around with toys and try out new stuff.

''I do use it as a bit of a tester, yeah. But the commercial guys are actually more open to the idea of f**king around with stuff and they don't mind if you hit a post because it's so cutting-edge.

''Commercials will always be technically more advanced than movies. It's a funny thing but they're also so much more efficient. So I try to do one commercial a year just for that reason.''

Guy thinks movies should be more experimental but knows he also has to keep his filmmaking style appealing to audiences.

Interviewing Brad Pitt for the new issue of Interview magazine, he said: ''I just think there's room to do more in movies--that you can have almost everything in a film. You can have all the new technical stuff, but you can also keep it edgy enough so it still feels a bit indie, and it can also be accessible enough so that kids can like it, and you can get this lot all around where everyone's a winner and comes out with cred.''