Harrison Ford wants new Indiana Jones film

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the fourth film of the series. It debuted 19 years after the third movie, with Harrison Ford once again starring as Indiana Jones. This time around, the story is set in 1957, with the archeologist traveling to South America to find an ancient skull that may have ties to extraterrestrial aliens. Cate Blanchett and Shia LaBeouf also star.
July 19th, 2011

Harrison Ford wants to make another 'Indiana Jones' movie.

The actor wants to don his trademark fedora hat and crack the whip for a fifth time as the titular archaeologist, in a follow up to 2008's 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'.

He told the E! news network: "I wouldn't mind another shot at Indiana Jones.

"I still think we have a chance of making a really good one."

The initial 'Indiana Jones' trilogy – made with director Stephen Spielberg between 1981 and 1989 – cemented Harrison's status as an action movie star and have become popular classic films, but 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' was less well received, and even criticised by Harrison's co-star, Shia LaBeouf.

He said: "I feel like I dropped the ball on the legacy that people loved.

Shia added he felt Harrison agreed with him, saying: "We had major discussions. He wasn't happy with it either.

"The movie could have been updated. There was a reason it wasn't universally accepted."

Harrison was less than impressed with the young star's comments, however, later branding him a "f***ing idiot."