Daniel Radcliffe wants to play Harry Potter's dad

June 8th, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe wants a cameo in 'Harry Potter' as the schoolboy wizard's father.

The 23-year-old actor believes he's ''too old'' to return to as the titular character if another 'Harry Potter' film was made, and if J.K Rowling wrote another fantasy novel in the series he'd only want a cameo as Harry's dad.

Speaking in an interview with Time Out London magazine, he said: ''Even if Jo did [make another instalment], which is unlikely, I'd take a LOT of talking round. I've done so much work to establish myself as something outside that series, I'd be really hesitant to go back.

''I'm 23, which is too old to be running round in a schoolboy's cape. I'd never totally close the door. But no more schoolboy stuff. A cameo as Harry's dad? That would be perfect!''

Daniel - who is currently starring in 'Kill Your Darlings' - also admitted he'd love to land a supporting role in the next instalment of 'Star Wars'.

He explained: ''Franchise mustn't become a dirty word. If directors like JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon keep doing what they're doing, it won't be. I'd love to be part of one again. Maybe not leading it, a nice supporting role. 'Star Wars' would be awesome. That'd be crazy cool.''