Jaime Pressly to star in A "Haunted House 2"

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A horror spoof and comedy film directed by Michael Tiddes, starring Marlon Wayans as one half of a young couple that's just moved into their dream house, unaware that it's already inhabited. Kisha (Essence Atkins) ends up possessed by one of the spirits, and Malcolm (Wayans) uses the help of a priest, a psychic and some ghost hunters to exorcise her.
August 27th, 2013

Jaime Pressly will star in 'A Haunted House 2'.

The 'My Name is Earl' actress has joined the horror-comedy sequel in an unknown role alongside actor-and-producer Marlon Wayans and newcomer Steele Stebbins.

The actress will also star opposite 'Magic Mike' actor Gabriel Iglesias and 'Awkward' actress Ashley Rickards in the Michael Tiddes-directed film, which is due for release in US cinemas on March 28 next year, while a UK release date is still to be confirmed.

The new film centres on Wayans' protagonist from the first film, Malcolm, who attempts to start a life new life with his new girlfriend and her two children after his ex-girlfriend from the previous film was possessed by a demon.

Shortly after moving into a new home, however, Malcolm comes face to face with the paranormal once again.

'A Haunted House' was released earlier this year and grossed $40 million in the US on a modest budget of just $2.5 million.

The film was written and produced by Wayans and co-starred Essence Atkins and Cedric the Entertainer.

Wayans opted to create the new spoof franchise - which pokes fun at the 'Paranormal Activity' movies - after previously starring in the first two 'Scary Movie' flicks.