The Talented Cast Behind "Heaven Is for Real"

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing
April 16th, 2014

"Heaven Is for Real" is an inspirational film directed by Randall Wallace and released by Sony Pictures. The movie is based on the book of the same name, tracing the real-life story of Colton, a child whose near-death experience reveals a stunning look at God and Heaven. The story itself is powerful, and it is brought to life on the silver screen with the help of a talented cast of dedicated actors.


connor-corum_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Connor Corum as Colton

Connor Corum, whose blond hair, round face and innocent looks are perfectly fitting for this role, plays Colton, a child who has a near-death experience when rushed to emergency surgery for a burst appendix. In the film, Colton is the four-year-old son of a small-town pastor, and he is unafraid to talk about the marvelous things he has seen in Heaven even when his parents attempt to brush his musings aside. "Heaven Is for Real" is Connor's debut film, and his spot-on acting and adorable looks are sure to land him future roles if he decides to continue to pursue acting.



greg-kinnear_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo

Todd Burpo is the father of Colton and pastor of a church in Nebraska. He is devastated when his son nearly dies, but when Colton recovers and begins to explain the details of heaven, Todd is unsure what to think or do. He must gather the faith and courage to share his son's incredible story with the masses. Greg Kinnear brings the perfect amount of emotion to his role, creating a character whose awe and inner turmoil are both believable and readily apparent. Greg Kinnear is a veteran actor known for his roles in "Ghost Town," "As Good as It Gets" and "Invincible" and well as numerous other titles.




kelly-reilly_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Kelly Reilly as Sonja Burpo

Sonja is a teacher and the mother of Colton. When she begins to understand that her son may have indeed glimpsed Heaven, she converses with her husband to figure out whether they should reveal the information. Kelly Reilly is known for the spirit and emotion she brings to her roles, and her portrayal of Sonja is both heartfelt and passionate. Reilly has played a diverse assortment of characters over her career, but she is best known for her roles in "Sherlock Homes," "Flight" and "Eden Lake."



jacob-vargas.jpgPhoto Credit: Various

Jacob Vargas as Michael

The character of Michael receives the perfect spark of life from Jacob Vargas, whose portrayal of the character comes across as emotional and genuine. Vargas has a long history in Hollywood, acting in such films as "Traffic," "Devil," "Death Race" and "Jarhead." Although the experienced actor generally chooses roles in more action-oriented films, his role in "Heaven Is for Real" is a pleasant surprise.


lane-styles.gifPhoto Credit: Various

Lane Styles as Cassie

In the film, Cassie is the 6-year-old sister of Colton. Lane's sweet demeanor and sparkling eyes create the perfect picture of childlike innocence, and she shines in her role as Cassie. Although "Heaven Is For Real" is one of Lane's first jobs as an actress, she also played roles in the 2013 film "Mad Ship" and the 2014 film "Reasonable Doubt." The young actress displays amazing control and emotion in her acting that is uncommon in young celebrities, so it will not be surprising if she scores major roles in the future.



Photo Credit: Various

Mike Mohrhardt as Jesus

The character of Jesus, who appears a number of times in Colton's surreal visions of Heaven, is loving and powerful in the film. Playing the Son of God is no easy task, but Mike Mohrhardt's physical appearance and calm demeanor seem well-fitted for the role. Mohrhardt is both an actor and a writer, although he has not worked on many films prior to "Heaven Is for Real." He wrote, produced and directed a short film called "The Empty Seat," and he had a cameo appearance in the horror film "Circle." The character of Jesus is one of Mohrhardt's first major roles, and he put on a stunning performance that has inspired viewers. After this breakout role, audiences are interested to see where this talented actor is headed next.

With a standout cast and an inspiring story, "Heaven Is for Real" is sure to be an incredible cinematic and spiritual experience for audiences everywhere. In addition to those mentioned, the film also features a number of other talented actors like Thomas Haden Church, Jon Ted Wynne, Darren Felbel and Darcy Fehr as various supporting characters. Each talented actor brings his own flair to the screen, creating an appealing mosaic of on-screen personalities that will make this film a success.