Helen Hunt: The Sessions' nudity was 'liberating'

January 15th, 2013

Helen Hunt found her nude scenes in 'The Sessions' liberating.

The veteran actress plays a sex surrogate who is hired by a disabled man with an iron lung (John Hawkes) to help him lose his virginity, and the film features many racy shots in which the 49-year-old star is fully naked, something Helen embraced.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she explained: ''I think I thought a couple of times before we shot the movie, I said to my boyfriend, 'I'm about to do this'. Should you be stopping me from doing this? Because this is about to happen.

''I said to another friend of mine, it's getting late... who cares? Maybe one of the great things about getting older is, who cares? To get a chance to embody a woman, particularly a woman who's not 20 years old, and celebrate that we all have bodies and everybody has a god-given right to feel pleasure, I liked being part of bringing that to life.''

Helen also admitted that the lack of time she and her co-star, 'Winter's Bone' actor John, spent together aided their performances in the Ben Lewin-directed film.

She explained: ''I think both of us, more than I even realised at the time, really benefited from the lack of time we spent together and that's not usually the case. I'm a big believer in rehearsing and doing a lot of homework together. In this case, the fact that we didn't have that is a real blessing.''

Helen recently received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role as sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen-Greene in the film.