Helen Mirren's 'fabulous' DiCaprio moment

July 15th, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio bowed to Dame Helen Mirren and kissed her hand after she won an Oscar.

The British star revealed the 'Shutter Island' actor was keen to show how impressed he was with her after she won the Best Actress Academy Award in 2007 for her role in 'The Queen' and without saying a word he came over and kissed her hand.

She revealed: "My best compliment? Right after winning the Oscar, when everyone was going home, they let these little gold Oscary shapes flutter down from the ceiling.

"Leonardo DiCaprio came over, bowed down, and kissed my hand. It was the most fabulous moment - such a lovely gesture. He didn't say anything."

Despite loving Leonardo for his compliment, the 65-year-old actress reveals chemistry is not something which is guaranteed to happen when you walk on a film set.

She added to Esquire magazine: "People who really don't like each other can have fantastic chemistry onscreen. And people who adore each other can have absolutely no chemistry onscreen. It's totally weird - lightning in a bottle."