Russell Brand 'infatuated' with Mirren

February 22nd, 2011

Russell Brand was "frightened" about meeting Dame Helen Mirren.

The British funnyman was apprehensive about working with the veteran actress - who he stars with in two movies, 'The Tempest' and 'Arthur' - but was relieved when she quickly put him at ease, leading to him developing an "infatuation".

He said: "I was frightened before I met her, it made me talk a bit different - like my breathing changed.

"But she's so, like a lot of them people - they know you are going to be nervous so they're good at putting you at ease, and she was exactly like that.

"She's wonderful, I'm infatuated with her. to a healthy degree, like it's not unhealthy - I have not stolen any of her things or anything like that.

"She's so cool, she's the bird from Essex deep down, but she's also Dame Helen Mirren."

'The Tempest' is based on the work of the same name by playwright William Shakespeare and Russell understands why people would be bemused by his casting as jester Trinculo.

He said on British TV show 'Daybreak': "Everyone was surprised because I'm kind of a comedian and sometimes I may say rude things."