Helena Bonham Carter's 'overboard' Great Expectations gear

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Based on Charles Dickens' timeless tale, this is a story of the love a man has for an unreachable woman. Updated to modern day New York City, the story concerns a man of modest background who falls in love with a rich girl, but when a mysterious benefactor greenlights the man to make his dreams come true, everything done has the ultimate goal of making Estella fall in love with him. Starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Ethan Hawke, Robert De Niro, Chris Cooper and Hank Azaria.
October 6th, 2012

Helena Bonham Carter went ''overboard'' with her 'Great Expectations' costume.

The 46-year-old actress portrays eccentric jilted bride Miss Havisham in the forthcoming adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic novel and was excited to have input into the role.

She said: ''I went overboard. I had this idea that her veil would grow over the years, like her grief. It's a bit pathological. Everything's a bit overgrown.''

Helena also admitted she was initially upset to be approached for the role by director Mike Newell because she is younger than the way the character is perceived to be.

She said: ''At the start I was like, 'Huh. Already?' But Mike kept on saying, 'You're the right age!''

The actress also admitted she hated the way she was typecast as an ''English rose'' in the early days of her career as she didn't feel she suited the image.

She added to Time Out magazine: ''I was never the wet and wilted Victorian ingénue. It was infuriating. I was young and shy.''