Tim Burton's scary family movies

October 7th, 2012

Tim Burton thinks it is fine to make his family movies scary - because he wasn't easily frightened as a child.

The acclaimed director - whose latest animated adventure 'Frankenweenie' has some frightening scenes - insisted watching ''monster'' films when he was young never harmed him.

He said: ''I grew up on horror. I loved monster movies, films they don't show on television nowadays. It never bothered me. I was three, four, five years old watching these movies.''

However, Tim - who has children Billy, eight, and Nell, four, with partner Helena Bonham Carter - admits he is sometimes shocked by the content of children's stories when he reads with his kids.

He added to Time Out magazine: ''I've always felt kids are their own best barometer of what they can take. My little girl is four and when we read fairytales, even I'm a bit shocked.

''Fairytales are pretty hardcore, but they're also a way of kids exploring things like death without it being too traumatic. What fascinates me more is that parents forget all that.''