Henry Cavill's muscle proof

November 11th, 2011

Henry Cavill had to send photographic evidence of his "eight-pack abs" for his new film.

The 'Tudors' actor, who is currently filming the role of Superman for the 2013 film 'Man Of Steel', admits he had to prove to director Tarsem Singh how fit his body was whilst training for new picture 'Immortals.'

He said: "He definitely wanted photographic evidence ... we sent it off to him with the odd photo here and there. He was happy."

The 27-year-old has said how much he loves getting in shape for a new role despite admitting how exhausting training and a gruelling schedule can be.

He said: "Getting in shape and getting paid to do it? Are you kidding me? It's fantastic. It's very hard work. There's nothing easy about it but it's better being paid for it."

Speaking about his role starring as Theseus, King of Athens, Henry said admitted he spent a lot of time on set exhausted.

He told the Metro newspaper: "You're working 14 and 15-hour days, you're on a diet and you're just exhausted. You arrive early in the morning when it's dark. You spend all day on a sound stage, you come out and it's dark again. Then you can't sleep because you're too wound up and when you do fall asleep, it's time to get up again. That takes its toll."

'Immortals' is released in cinemas today (11.11.11).