Dwayne Johnson would beat up Superman as Hercules

July 22nd, 2014

Dwayne Johnson says Hercules would ''knock Superman into next week''.

The 42-year-old actor stars as the Greek hero in the Brett Ratner film of the same name and claims his character would definitely win in a fight against comic book superhero Superman.

Quizzed on who he thinks would win in a fight between his Hercules and 'Man of Steel' star Henry Cavill's Superman, he told Digital Spy: ''I know Henry very well, he's a buddy of mine, and who would win in a fight between Hercules and Superman? Just to be clear, you're talking about my Hercules against Henry's Superman? [Yes].

''I would take my club and I would knock Superman into next week and then I would whoop his ass for leaving. That's what I would do.''

The 'Fast & Furious 7' actor went on to insist that Hercules is the original and best superhero as he doesn't hide behind a disguise.

He explained: ''I think at his core, the idea and the notion that he accepts who he is ... he accepts the man who he was born to be. I think that type of notion is profound to all of us whether we're men or women.

''But it's that power that we have ... the most powerful person you can be is yourself and it takes us a long time to get there and in this case it's taken Hercules thousands of years, but he still got there.''