Disney's High School Musical Cast Success

March 22nd, 2012

Years after the Disney hit "High School Musical" and its successors, the "High School Musical" cast has gone on to be quite successful in other areas of entertainment. From charity events to musical albums and world tours, the cast has done a little bit of everything. Many have remained in the public eye through performances in popular television shows and movies.

Zac Efron, the male lead of "High School Musical," has been a teen heart throb since the movie premiered. The media further helped his fame along when it covered the story that he and costar Vanessa Hudgens were together romantically. Zac Efron went on to star in movies such as "17 Again" and "The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud." He has performed in all three of the "High School Musical" movies, the last of which was released in theaters.

Vanessa Hudgens played the female lead in "High School Musical." Her character was a transfer student who came to the new school and began to find her voice. This popular character wasn't the only one releasing musical numbers, though. Along with the release of "High School Musical," she produced her own musical album that did well on the pop music charts and gained air time on the top 20 pop charts. Vanessa Hudgens' fame has not been as pronounced as Zac Efron's; however, she did obtain a role in the all-girl action film "Sucker Punch," which did well in theaters. She has also had her own line of sneakers and some other items produced that are available for purchase.

A Disney Channel regular, Ashley Tisdale, played the role of Sharpay in the movie cast. She released a musical album along with the release of "High School Musical." Following the first, which did well, she released a second that did well on the radio charts and had regular air time. She has played in a variety of television shows, including Disney's "The Suite Life" and the CW's "Hellcats," and she has performed as a voice actress on the animated series "Phineas and Ferb," which is also on the Disney Channel.

Lucas Grabeel, who played Sharpay's brother in "High School Musical," has had a balanced acting and filming life outside of the Disney hit. He has started his own production company, named 14341 Films. It produced approximately six films before it stopped producing, and some of those films did receive awards at regular film festivals. He has played in "Milk" and won several Oscars in 2008. He has performed in regional theater and started a secondary production company. He has supporting roles in "Smallville" and "Switched at Birth."

Another popular "High School Musical" idol is Corbin Bleu. He was also the youngest cast member of the main cast at the time. During "High School Musical," Corbin Bleu released his own musical album that took him around the world on a world tour. He has played on many Disney Channel shows, including the popular "Hannah Montana" and "Jump In." He also became the narrator of the hit Broadway musical "In The Heights."

Last but not least, actress, Monique Coleman, has continued in the public eye since "High School Musical." She competed on the third season of "Dancing With the Stars" and finished in third place. She has been a guest on the popular show "Bones" and "The Cleveland Show." Most notably, Monique Coleman has been known for her work with charities. She has worked with the United Nations to help underprivileged kids, to provide youth empowerment, and to aid environmental causes. She launched her own teen talk show called "Gimme Mo" as well.