Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: A Match Made in Comedy Heaven

Photo Credit: Open Road Films (II)
September 4th, 2012

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: A Match Made in Comedy Heaven

-- When Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell announced their engagement in 2010, many fans were surprised because they didn't know the two dated. On the surface, their relationship might seem odd because they look completely different, but the two share a strong relationship despite their differences.

Bell gained fame as the main character on the television show "Veronica Mars." Playing a high school student obsessed with discovering the truth behind a friend's death, she gained several awards. The show went off the air after three seasons, giving the actress the chance to stretch her wings with roles in films like "Scream 4," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," and "Couples Retreat."

Shepard began acting around the same time as Bell, though he focused on comedic roles from the very beginning. A lead role in "Without a Paddle" led to films like "Baby Mama" and "Old Dogs." Many of his movies use adult humor and scenarios, while Bell's roles are generally tamer.

The two share an interesting history. Bell dated movie producer Kevin Mann for five years, and the two separated in 2007 after a long engagement. Bell was adamant that she needed a break from dating. She didn't count on running into a man who made her laugh. Despite any differences they share, it was like at first sight when the two met in 2007. A mutual friend introduced the couple at a birthday party, and they immediately started dating. While they made things look easy, Bell recently admitted that they had some problems in the beginning.

Shepard is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, which he admitted to Bell. Though he hadn't had a drink or used drugs in more than eight years, she admitted that she had no idea of his history. Bell said that she thought he was her "prince charming" until he admitted his past. Since her history did not involve any of the same things, she had to handle her doubts and mistrust to make their relationship work.

In 2010, the two took their relationship to the big screen with the romantic comedy "When in Rome." Bell played Beth, a woman who was unlucky in love. After visiting Rome for her little sister's wedding, she jumped in a fountain and stole a handful of coins. The legend said that the person who threw in the coin would fall in love with the person holding it. Shepard appeared in the film as Gale, a male model obsessed with his looks, and the owner of one of the coins that she found. Though Bell's character ended up with one of the other characters, the real life couple shared a few memorable scenes together.

Just before the film premiered, the couple announced that they were engaged. While many fans eagerly anticipated the two's wedding, they caused a stir just a few years later. During an interview with Larry King, Bell announced that the two would not marry until gay marriage became legal. In later interviews, they changed their stance slightly, deciding to hold off on a wedding until gay marriage became legal in California. Both actors staunchly say that they want marriage and children, but they will feel better when they can attend the weddings of all their friends.

The two elaborated on their relationship in recent interviews. They plan to create wills naming each other as their primary beneficiary, and they also plan to have children. Bell claims that the moment he gave her an engagement ring, she felt committed to him and no longer needs the official ceremony.

Their commitment to each other was clear on the set of their new film "Hit and Run." Shepard serves as both star and director of the film, and the two closely worked together. They even cast some of their closest friends in major roles, including Bradley Cooper ("The A-Team") and Tom Arnold ("True Lies"). Bell admitted that she did the best job she could because she wanted to make him proud of her.

Shepard and Bell play Charlie and Annie, a happily dating couple. Annie doesn't know that Charlie is in the witness protection program until his former associates track him down. After admitting that he was a getaway driver for a criminal, he takes her on an adrenaline-filled journey filled with laughter and excitement.

While "Hit and Run" is the story of a fictional couple, viewers will find some similarities to the real life couple. Charlie's admission of his past is similar to Shepard's admission of his own past, and Bell's reaction in the film is much like her reaction in real life. The chemistry between the two oozes off the screen, giving viewers a chance to see the type of relationship the two share.