MOTW: The Five Greatest Scenes from "Home Alone"

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
December 23rd, 2013

MOTW: The Five Greatest Scenes from "Home Alone"

Since its release in 1990, "Home Alone" has become one of the most popular Christmas movies ever. The movie is a perfect blend of humor and nostalgia, and it's sure to get a laugh out of anyone who watches it. Children love the movie because they like to see Kevin rebel against the grownups, and adults love it because it reminds them of the holiday joy and simple pleasures of their childhood. While the movie has nonstop laughs and gags, these five scenes in particular perfectly represent the kind of charm, humor, and nostalgia that have made "Home Alone" a classic holiday movie for people of all ages and generations.

1. Putting On Some Aftershave

When Kevin realizes he's home alone, he thinks he's made his family disappear. This makes him ecstatic, and he attempts to solidify his newfound role as the man of the house. Audiences will bust a gut laughing as Kevin narrates his after-shower grooming routine in the bathroom mirror. He seems to take himself very seriously, and when he's finished brushing his hair, he applies aftershave to his cheeks, because he thinks that's what grownups do. When the aftershave stings, he lets out a hilarious scream in what has been one of the movie's most iconic shots ever since it appeared in the trailers.

2. Realizing Their Mistake

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Kevin's family leaves in such a hurry to catch their plane to Paris that they accidentally leave Kevin behind. Nobody realizes that Kevin is missing until they're on an airplane halfway to Paris. When Kevin's mother realizes what they've done, she screams, "Kevin!" at the top of her lungs in a hilariously high-pitched voice. This moment lends a bit of humor to an otherwise frightening and distressing situation. Any parents in the audience will love the comedic timing of this realization. This moment is made even more hilarious when Uncle Frank tries to make her feel better by mentioning that he forgot his reading glasses.

3. Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal

After Kevin is left alone at the house, he realizes he can do whatever he wants without getting in trouble, so naturally, he watches an age-inappropriate gangster movie while eating a large bowl of ice cream. In one scene of the gangster movie, the main character shoots up one of his rivals and says, "Keep the change, you filthy animal." Kevin plays this scene again when the burglars come calling, making them think that a real-live gangster lives in the house and scaring them away. This buys Kevin a little time, but the burglars soon realize they've been had and make a plan to return.

4. Meeting Old Man Marley

Throughout the movie, Kevin has several encounters with one of his neighbors, commonly referred to by the kids as Old Man Marley. Because of the rumors that Kevin has heard, he believes that Old Man Marley is out to get him. After running away from Marley for the whole movie, Kevin finally encounters the old man in a church. After they start talking, Kevin realizes that his neighbor is a kindly old man. This is one of the rare moments in the movie that mixes humor with a sentimental message, and it may even bring a tear to viewers' eyes. This is a turning point in the movie, and it gives Kevin the courage to do what he has to do in the next scene.

5. Defending the House

When Kevin finds out that two criminals plan to rob his house while he's home alone, he comes up with an awesome plan to defend himself and his home. This is one of the most iconic scenes in the movie for good reason. Kevin draws up elaborate blueprints for his plan, and kids will love to see how capable young Kevin is as he sets up all the booby traps in his home. Comedic violence ensues as the burglars step on nails, fall down icy steps, get shot with a BB gun, and get repeatedly smashed in the face.

With hilarious and iconic scenes such as these, it's no wonder "Home Alone" is a must-see Christmas movie for families everywhere. Brilliant comedic timing, humorous gags and jokes, and a family-centered heartwarming Christmas moral combine to create a movie with real staying power. Laughing at these and other memorable scenes brings joy to countless people each year.