Hugh Dancy's intimate challenge

February 4th, 2012

Hugh Dancy admits it was a ''professional challenge'' to stimulate bringing a woman to orgasm on film.

The actor plays the role of a Victorian medic who helps cure psychologically troubled women in 'Hysteria' - which also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Felicity Jones - and he found it hard to be in the bizarre situation of shooting the intimate scenes.

He said: ''It's a professional challenge to stand between the legs of a series of esteemed actresses and put your hand down beneath their dresses and make rhythmical movements.

''Nothing can prepare you for that. There's no drama school which offers a course.''

Hugh is currently starring in '' about a young woman - played by Elizabeth Olsen - who lives with an abusive cult in New York, and he admits he wanted a role because it is ''clever entertainment''.

He added: ''The film worked because of that growing sense of threat. You're not sure what any character is up to.

''Even with the couple who she seeks shelter from, who appear to be on the level, it's never quite clear how benevolent they are. It's a clever kind of entertainment.''