Screenwriter Michael France dies aged 51

April 14th, 2013

Screenwriter Michel France has passed away aged 51.

France - best known for his Marvel film screenplays - died on Friday (12.04.13) at his home in St. Pete Beach, Florida, after complications from his diabetes-related illness, his sister Suzanne confirmed to the Tampa Bay Times newspaper.

She said: ''He didn't look that bad on Thursday night. He was sick, but I didn't think he was as bad as he was the last time or I would have just called an ambulance.

''He was sitting up, he had good colour, he was making jokes. Just sitting there on the couch with his dog.''

His big break came as co-writer of Renny Harlin's 1993 thriller 'Cliffhanger', starring Sylvester Stallone, which thrust him into the limelight of bigger blockbusters.

He then made his name by penning scripts for big screen Marvel superhero adaptations, most famously including Ang Lee's 'Hulk' in 2003 and 2005's 'The Fantastic Four'.

As well as his love of comic book movies, France worked on the 1995 James Bond flick 'GoldenEye', which saw Pierce Brosnan portray 007.

France - who also owned Tampa Bay's Beach Cinema from 2007 until its closure in 2012 - is survived by his sister, both parents, as well as his wife Elizabeth and their three children.