Gary Ross' Hunger Games tone concerns

March 21st, 2012

Gary Ross had to be strict when creating 'The Hunger Games' so it wouldn't lose its tone.

The director - who will see his eagerly-anticipated movie about youngsters fighting to the death in a futuristic TV show come to cinemas on March 23 - reveals he had to be very careful not to let anything slip when he was creating the film because if anyone thought of it as ''unreal'' it would quickly ''fall apart''.

He said: ''I knew that I needed to police the tone of the movie. I knew I needed to maintain what was a very narrow bullseye, tonally.

''The use of the verité. How we kept things real. How we kept you engaged. That we never broke frame and let you think of this as a glossy piece of entertainment. Tonally, that this thing never become an unreal world, because then you're out of Katniss' point of view and the whole thing falls apart. That's all I was thinking about, really. I was just thinking about tone, tone, tone.''

However, the 'Pleasantville' filmmaker did not always stick to the rules and admits he did break some movie editing ideals.

He told ''We also cut from people to the same people. There are like 300 jump cuts in the movie, too. You're not supposed to cut from a person to themselves. We break a lot of rules, but it's all very, very conscious and all within a style that we talked about in advance. It keeps the pace of the movie going and keeps the movie a little bit destabilised, as Katniss is.''