Movie Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: Lionsgate
January 27th, 2014

"I, Frankenstein" debuted with $8,275,000 during the weekend of January 24. While wandering the earth, a tortured superhuman named Adam becomes part of a battle between the noble gargoyles and the calculating demons. Adam just may hold the key to the secret of immortal life, making him an essential pawn in the war for ultimate and lasting power. The action thriller has a PG-13 rating for sequences of intense fantasy action and violence.

Continuing Films

"Ride Along" continued to take top honors during its second week in theaters. The comedy saw earnings of $21,200,000, bringing total profits to more than $75 million. When James invites his potential brother-in-law to shadow him during his routine as a detective, the cop has ulterior motives. The streets of Atlanta will put Ben's courage and fortitude to the test, and James is hoping that Ben will prove himself unworthy of James' sister. The comedy's PG-13 rating is due to violence, mature content and brief strong language.

"Lone Survivor" has now earned over $93 million, including $12,600,000 in weekend profits. A small team of highly trained Navy SEALs is about to carry out one of the most important missions of their careers. They expect Operation Red Wings to be dangerous, but they cannot anticipate the complications that will take the mission from risky to potentially fatal. Bloody war violence and pervasive language contribute to an R rating.

"The Nut Job" brought in $12,316,000, with overall profits now equaling more than $40 million. Surly the squirrel may not have the best attitude, but he does have a lot of ambition. When his recklessness gets Surly in big trouble, he sees a way to redeem himself. Robbing a nut store will provide all the food his community needs for winter. The animated film has a PG rating for mild action and rude humor.

"Frozen" has earned over $347 million since its release. The Disney animated film earned $9,035,000 this weekend. Plucky Anna, reluctant Kristoff, Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman head into an icy wilderness on a quest to find the woman behind the kingdom's wintry spell. Anna is especially eager to track down the enchantress. It just so happens that Anna is her estranged sister. The film has a PG rating for action and some mild rude humor.

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" saw earnings of $8,800,000 over the weekend, bringing total earnings to more than $30 million. Working undercover on Wall Street, Jack Ryan begins to notice some unusual patterns that eventually lead him all the way to Russia. As he faces off against a mastermind who has plans to destroy the American economy, Jack also has to deal with a suspicious fiancée. "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" has a PG-13 rating for sequences of violence and intense action, as well as for brief language.

Movies to DVD

"Rush" arrives out on DVD on Tuesday, January 28. James Hunt and Niki Lauda couldn't be more different. Where James is brash and reckless, Niki is serious and methodical. None of this matters on the track. As the Formula 1 racers go head to head, speeding towards victory, their rivalry grows stronger by the day. The R rating is due to mature content, nudity, brief drug use, disturbing images and language.

"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" sees Flint Lockwood continuing his wacky misadventures. When he returns to Swallow Falls, Flint discovers that the FLDSMDFR has turned his former town into a wilderness, populated by food-animal hybrids. Flint and his friends have to deal with shrimpanzees, watermelophants, fruit cockatiels and more. The movie has a family-friendly PG rating for mild rude humor.

"Last Vegas" stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Robert De Niro as four lifelong friends who enjoy a last hurrah. When Billy announces his belated engagement, his three best friends leave their usual routines and travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party like no other. Mature content and language contribute to a PG-13 rating.

"Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" follows a grandfather and grandson who have some unusual adventures during their road trip. Irving and young Billy set out to locate Billy's deadbeat dad. During the journey across America, they'll run into all kinds of peculiar people and get into all sorts of mischievous trouble. The irreverent comedy has an R rating for strong crude and mature content, language, graphic nudity and some drug use.

"The Fifth Estate" offers an insight into the controversial life of Julian Assange. Together with journalist Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange works to expose corruption and make classified information available to everyone who wants to know. Assange soon reveals his true nature as someone who has difficulty setting limits, leading to some complicated problems. "The Fifth Estate" has an R rating for violence and language.