Sir Ian McKellen and Sylvester Stallone cast in "Animal Crackers"

November 7th, 2014

Sir Ian McKellen and Sylvester Stallone have been cast in 'Animal Crackers'.

Blue Dream Studios has confirmed the animated film will also feature the voices of Danny DeVito, Patrick Warburton, Gilbert Gottfried, Raven-Symoné and Harvey Fierstein.

Animator Scott Christian Sava said: ''When I was writing Animal Crackers I had specific voices in my head.

''Certain characters I wrote with actors in mind.

''Horatio was always Sir Ian McKellen. Brock was totally Patrick Warburton. Bullet-Man could be no one else but Stallone. To find out that each and every one of these actors have agreed to come on board this film and bring these characters to life ... I'm flipping out.''

The film follows a family that inherits a run-down circus and a box of old Animal Crackers, which they discover can be transformed into different animals.

'Animal Crackers' is set to be completed by the summer of 2016.

Meanwhile, Sir Ian admitted recently that luck has played a major part in his recent career success.

The actor - who was knighted in 1991 for services to the performing arts - said a number of his contemporaries would have fared as well in the iconic role of Gandalf in 'The Lord of the Rings', including John Hurt.

Speaking at TimesTalks London, Sir Ian - who was sat beside his 'Vicious' co-star Sir Derek Jacobi - reflected: ''We're no better than a whole lot of people. But genuinely, being quite honest about it all, it's luck. John Hurt could've played Gandalf.''