Box Office Weekend Wrap-Up

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox
July 16th, 2012

Box Office Weekend Wrap-Up

-- “Ice Age: Continental Drift” nabbed top honors at the box office this weekend, earning $46 million during its debut run. When Scrat goes a little too far in his pursuit of an acorn, he ends up causing a whole world of trouble. As the landmass starts breaking into pieces, Diego, Sid and Manny end up on a crazy adventure as they try to stick together. When Manny loses his family, Diego and Sid instantly offer to help him reunite with them. Along the way, they meet some new friends, including the feisty and beautiful Shira. The family-friendly animated film has a PG rating for mild rude humor, action and scenes of peril.

Continuing Films

“The Amazing Spider-Man” earned $35 million during its second week at theaters, with total earnings equaling over $200 million. Peter Parker tries to navigate his crush on the smart and beautiful Gwen Stacy, while also discovering the dark secrets behind his parents’ deaths. The knowledge he uncovers may change his destiny forever. The action flick has a PG-13 rating for violence and action sequences.

“Ted” brought in over $22 million during the weekend of July 13th. Overall earnings now clock in at over $158 million. John’s friend Ted is like any other buddy, except that he is a talking teddy bear with a shocking sense of humor. John and Ted have to learn how to live with each other as they both get ready for adult life. The raunchy comedy is rated R for crude content, drug use and pervasive language.

“Brave” made over $10 million this weekend, bringing total earnings to over $195 million. A feisty young princess makes a rash decision, placing her mother in grave danger. To save the day, Princess Merida has to draw on courage she did not even knew she had. The movie has a PG rating for rude humor and scary action sequences.

“Magic Mike” brought in over $9 million. A veteran stripper takes a young newcomer under his wing, teaching him how to survive in a industry where the competition is fierce and success can be even more brutal. The total gross is now at over $91 million. The movie has an R rating for graphic nudity, graphic content throughout, drug use and language.

During its second week in theaters, “Savages” earned over $8 million, contributing to overall earnings of $31 million. Oliver Stone’s latest film follows a pair of young marijuana dealers in sunny California. Although the two friends do not want any trouble, trouble seems to have a way of finding them. They will have to get tough if they want to save their livelihood and their friendship. The gritty film has an R rating for grisly violence, graphically mature content, language, drug use and nudity.

Movies to DVD

Horror fans should prepare for a spooky movie night. “Silent House” arrives on DVD on Blu-Ray on Tuesday, July 17th. Elizabeth Olsen stars as Sarah, a girl who finds herself trapped in her family’s vacation cabin. The power is out, leaving the house pitch black. As Sarah tries desperately to find a way back into the outside world, she comes to a terrifying realization. She is not alone in the house. The haunting psychological thriller has an R rating for terror and disturbing violence.

“The Three Stooges” is a witty and raucous tribute to the original comedy troupe. In this modern remake, Larry, Curly and Moe decide to save the orphanage that took them in as children. Thanks to their bumbling and clumsy ways, however, this mission might be a little harder than they expected. The three pals will run into some wild adventures along the way. “The Three Stooges” has a PG rating for slapstick violence and rude and suggestive humor, including language.

Guy Pearce stars in “Lockout,” a gritty sci-fi action flick that arrives out on DVD this Tuesday. When something goes terribly wrong at an outer space prison outpost, the inmates start running the show. Even worse, the president’s daughter is in grave danger. The president turns to a disgraced CIA agent to save his daughter’s life. If the former agent can accomplish this mission, he will have his freedom back. The thriller has a PG-13 rating for language, mature references and intense action.

“Friends With Kids” is a compelling comedy about parenthood. Julie and Jason are at a crossroads in their lives. Both of them want to have children and become parents. However, when they look around at their friends, they worry that parenthood destroys romantic relationships. Julie and Jason believe they have the perfect plan. They will remain friends while raising a child together, meaning they do not have to worry about romance or relationships. The film has an R rating for mature content and language.