Charlize Theron for evil queen role?

October 29th, 2010

Charlize Theron is being lined up to star in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.

The 'Monster' actress is reportedly producers' second choice to play the evil queen Ravenna after they failed to land Angelina Jolie for the revisionist take on the fairytale which sees the queen hire a tracker to find her stepdaughter, who has run away, The Playlist reports. 'Inception' actor Tom Hardy is in talks to play the Eric the huntsman who eventually become friends with Snow White and helps her to escape from the all-knowing queen.

The huntsman will act as a mentor figure, teaching the teen girl how to fight and survive but won't be a love interest for Snow White.

Evan Daugherty has written the script for the movie, which is one of three retellings of the traditional 'Snow White' tale currently in the works.

'Snow and the Seven' sees the story re-told as a martial arts movie, while 'Brothers Grimm: Snow White' sees a dark spin on the project.

The film currently has no release date, but will be shot in early 2011.

Charlize and Tom have both signed up to star in the Warner Brothers movie 'Mad Max: Fury Road' although filming has been delayed.