John Landis: Inception isn't original

October 26th, 2010

John Landis believes 'Inception' is "not original".

The 'Burke & Hare' filmmaker believes the Christopher Nolan-directed project - which was widely loved by critics on its release earlier this year - is "almost the same" as 1984 movie 'Dreamscape' with Dennis Quaid and he doesn't think Nolan has many new ideas.

He said: "Interestingly enough 'Inception', which is wonderful, is not original. There have been a lot of movies like it; remember Dreamscape? Oh that's bad special effects but almost the same movie. It's Dennis Quaid and Edward Albert is the president of the United States and they insert him into his dreams.

"Ya know, I think, don't misunderstand me I think Christopher Nolan is a wonderful director its just I don't think he is yet to make a movie other than 'Memento' that I thought was really original, its just very stylish."

However, John believes the Oscar-winning director is "lucky" and "smart" to be able to do what he wants.

He told Obsessed With Film "He's a lucky guy, I'm glad for him; I love the fact that he can continue to make his movies. Whether he makes a couple of unsuccessful ones in a row, he'll be in the same situation as everybody else. More power to him I like smart filmmakers and I think he's great."