Michael Caine to appear in The Mysterious Island?

September 8th, 2010

Sir Michael Caine is in negotiations to appear in 'The Mysterious Island'.

The Hollywood veteran - who is known for movies including 'The Dark Knight', 'Harry Brown' and 'Inception' - is reportedly in talks to take on one of the lead roles in the upcoming sequel to 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'.

If the 77-year-old old actor agrees to work on the movie, he will portray the adventurous grandfather of the movie's main character Sean Anderson, which is played by Josh Hutherson, Empire magazine reports.

His scenes are set to be filmed in Hawaii and North Carolina next month.

The storyline is set to follow characters through a journey to a mysterious island and will be released on September 23 next year.

Dwayne Johnson - also known as 'The Rock' - was recently announced as a new cast member, joining the movie to portray the boyfriend of Sean's mother and help him find his grandfather.

The movie will be filmed in 3D and directed by Brad Peyton.