MOTW: The Best Quotes from "The Incredibles"

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June 19th, 2013

MOTW: The Best Quotes from "The Incredibles"

"The Incredibles" is an action-packed animated film that tells the story of the Parr family. The Parr family is like any other suburban American family with the exception of one extraordinary secret. Mr. and Mrs. Parr were once known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, two brave superheroes who regularly saved the world from the forces of evil. "The Incredibles" is known for its witty humor and numerous one-liners throughout the script. This list covers the top five most memorable, humorous, and poignant quotes from the film.

Syndrome: "And when everyone's super, no one will be."

Syndrome is the super-powered villain who serves as the film's main antagonist. He also happens to get some of the funniest lines in the movie. This quote occurs when Syndrome is explaining his nefarious plan to zap the entire earth with a ray that would give everyone superhuman abilities like those possessed by the Parr family. Syndrome once tried hard to be Mr. Incredible's sidekick, calling himself Incredi-Boy and utilizing inventive gadgets and new technologies he developed in his spare time. Mr. Incredible refused Incredi-Boy's help, which incited the disappointed and highly troubled man to turn evil in order to exact revenge. His initial plan was to kill all of the world's superheroes, but years later, he decided to take a different approach and nullify the purpose of super powers by giving the entire world superhuman abilities.

Syndrome: "You sly dog! You caught me monologuing!"

This is one of the most popular quotes in the movie and serves as a great example of the tongue-in-cheek humor used throughout "The Incredibles." When Mr. Incredible interrupts Syndrome's long-winded explanation of his plan to take over the world, the villain utters this line, putting a small crack in the fourth wall of the movie. The quote is a reference to the movie trope that villains must always deliver a lengthy and prideful explanation of their evil plot, giving the hero time to come up with a way to thwart them.

Edna Mode: "No capes!"

This simple but humorous quote comes from Edna Mode, Mr. Incredible's fashionable ally and the designer of all prominent superhero costumes. Edna decides to help out the Incredibles by designing durable and efficient costumes for the entire family to aid in their quest to help Mr. Incredible. When Dash asks if their costumes will include capes, Edna replies with an indigent refusal and proceeds to explain why. Although she once designed superhero costumes with capes, she stopped when the impractical nature of the cape turned lethal for several of her clients.

Mirage: "Next time you gamble, bet your own life."

Mirage is Syndrome's sultry right-hand woman and serves as the second main antagonist throughout the film. When Mr. Incredible gets the upper hand on Mirage and threatens to kill her, Syndrome calls his bluff and tells him to go ahead. Once Mr. Incredible releases her, Mirage delivers this line to Syndrome, letting him know just how upset and disappointed she is by his cavalier attitude towards her life. At the beginning of the film, Mirage is infatuated with Syndrome and fully believes in his cause. This line marks the beginning of her disillusionment with Syndrome as a person, sparking a transformation in her character from blind follower to something more.

Mr. Incredible: "No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again."

A haughty Mr. Incredible in his glory days delivers this line during an interview with the press. He and his friends are used to saving the world on a regular basis, and he clearly has a nonchalant attitude about crime fighting. Mr. Incredible laments the effect that saving the world on such a consistent basis has on his personal life. In fact, early in the film he's shown nearly missing his own wedding due to the constant demand imposed on him by his vigilante work.

"The Incredibles" is a family action adventure that delivers on laughs, story, and plenty of great fight scenes. While each major character gets their turn in the comedy spotlight throughout the film, some deliver punch lines more consistently than others. Syndrome might be the villain, but he earns just as many laughs from the audience as the film's major protagonists with his sly one-liners and over-the-top antics. Edna Mode is also recognized as one of the film's funniest characters, in spite of her role as a supporting character. The pint-sized fashion designer makes plenty of witty social commentary that might fly over the heads of younger audience members, but is sure to have adults laughing. If you love action-filled movies with great humor for all ages, "The Incredibles" is a must-watch film.