What's Next for Harrison Ford?

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures
January 28th, 2014

It took about a decade for Harrison Ford to become a beloved actor, starting with his role as Han Solo in "Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope." He captured hearts all over the world as the charming, roguish pilot of the Millennium Falcon who, despite his cynicism, had a heart of gold. A year later after this debut, he starred in the blockbuster "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as Indiana Jones, professor by day and adventurer by night. Both the "Star Wars" and the Indiana Jones franchises netted him the hearts and admiration of viewers everywhere. Yet this was not the entirety of his success. He starred in the critically acclaimed "Patriot Games" as Jack Ryan, in "The Fugitive" as Dr. Richard Kimble and in "Air Force One" as butt-kicking President James Marshall. He has been in dozens of more movies, some better known than others. His role as Colonel Graff in "Ender’s Game" and a cameo in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" are his most recent roles. With his movie background and his wealth of roles, it is time to see what he is up to next.

Although the sheer number of movies Harrison Ford has starred in has ebbed over the last decade to about one per year, there are many exciting project in his immediate feature. The long-awaited "Stars Wars: Episode VII" is in pre-production, where it is rumored that Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Han Solo. This new movie begins a sequel trilogy, supposedly detailing the rebuilding of the Republic and the lives of the three heroes: Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. Disney bought Lucasfilm and with it the rights to the "Star Wars" films. J.J. Abrams, brilliant director and writer of movie favorites "Mission: Impossible III," "Star Trek," "Star Trek: Into Darkness," "Super 8" and the television series "Lost", is directing the new film. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, who penned “Empire Strikes Back,” are working on a script. So far, Mark Hamill’s role as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher’s role as Princess Leia and Harrison Ford’s role as Han solo are only rumors, ones that fans are eagerly waiting to see confirmed.

Another movie Harrison Ford is definitely attached to is "Adaline." This movie is like "Tuck Everlasting" in reverse. Our immortal heroine, who became ageless against her will, lives a lonely life until she meets the one man — presumably Harrison Ford — for whom becoming mortal is worth. So far the cast includes Blake Lively of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Gossip Girl" as the immortal vixen, Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn.

Yet another movie Harrison Ford is part of is "The Expendables 3." This fun, action-packed franchise began with "The Expendables," in which a group of mercenaries come together to do a job for god and country. Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross, Jason Statham as Lee Christmas, Jet Li as Yin Yang and Dolph Lundgren as Gunnar Jensen are three of the characters that appear throughout the franchise. Chuck Norris as Booker, Jean-Claude Van Damme as the aptly named Vilain, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Trench and Bruce Willis as Church join up for "The Expendables 2" when the merry band of mercenaries are working for an easy buck before things go awry, and they have to save the world from a maniac with too much plutonium on his hands. In the third movie, Mel Gibson as Conrad Stonebanks, Harrison Ford as Max Drummer, Wesley Snipes as Surgeon and Antonio Banderas as Rapido join the fun for the ultimate gathering of action heroes. Although the storyline is still something of a mystery, it is sure to be a great romp with a lot of action and hilarity.

Finally, Harrison Ford is scheduled to appear once more as Indiana Jones in a fifth movie. So far, the script and any other cast members are under wraps. Although the last Indiana Jones movie, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," did not get the response that moviemakers had hoped for, patrons will still jump at the opportunity to see the new movie, which appears to be a few years in the future.

Despite his moviemaking ways and undisputed stardom, in his free time Harrison Ford moseys around his vast, 800-acre Wyoming ranch with his family, which includes wife Calista Flockhart, five children and three grandchildren. Half of his ranch he donated as a nature preserve. He also flies helicopters often, volunteering for and assisting in rescue missions with Teton County Search and Rescue. He has been credited with two separate rescues.