James Franco to open acting school?

February 5th, 2014

James Franco is to open his own acting school.

The 35-year-old actor has teamed up with Playhouse West to launch Studio four at The Sherry Theater in Los Angeles, California, according to Deadline.com.

The 'Spring Breakers' star plans to run two classes every week, where he'll be accompanied by additional guests, and will teach different acting techniques and a number of projects.

The hunk - who has taught classes in filmmaking, movie production and screenwriting in the past - will watch his students put on performances and will create potential roles through the use of his production company Rabbit Bandini Productions.

Meanwhile, James is so invested in his various projects that he rarely has any time to sleep, but his hectic lifestyle eventually takes its toll and he ''crashes'' in inappropriate places.

He said previously: ''I don't need sleep. And then you do enough of those [late nights] and you eventually crash - you know, odd places, on set, or in class, or wherever.''

Despite juggling many different careers ranging from an actor, director, professor, PhD student and artist, James still has some unfulfilled ambitions to cross off his list - including the stage.

He added: ''I love theatre. I'm actually supposed to act on Broadway in 'Of Mice and Men'. So I think that's gonna happen. [And] I'd like to write a play.''