Kenneth Branagh to act in Thor sequel?

August 5th, 2010

Kenneth Branagh would like to appear in a 'Thor' sequel.

The actor-and-director - best known for his adaptations of Shakespeare's plays - has helmed the forthcoming superhero movie but has never been asked to star in that type of movie.

He said: "Would I like to act in a movie like 'Thor'? I don't know, actually. I haven't been asked, so there you go. We'll find out if we do a second one."

Kenneth also admitted he enjoyed watching 'Iron Man 2' - which follows another Marvel superhero - and hearing references to 'Thor'.

He explained: "The fun thing is when you know, and you go and see 'Iron Man 2' You get a couple of lines saying, 'Clark has to get down to New Mexico. We have a little bit of a problem down there.' You know we're the problem.

"We've got a couple of little nods heading Joe [Johnston's way with our picture. I got thrilled when I went to see the set the other week so what was nice is, at least I didn't feel, you may have done it so brilliantly I didn't notice, but I didn't feel I had to think about it at all. It was 'Thor'-centric."

The 49-year-old star also described himself as a "movie geek" who still goes to the cinema whenever he can.

He added: "I'm a movie geek. I'm there every weekend, totally and utterly for pleasure. It's one of the things I do, my wife and I are there, some popcorn and it's nice. It's a nice thing to do."