Interview: Vivica Fox from "It's Not You, It's Me"

Photo Credit: Mule Films
September 13th, 2013

Vivica A. Fox has been one of the most intelligent, beautiful, actresses on TV and in film since the early 90‘s.  She has been in huge blockbuster films like: the “Kill Bill” series, “Independence Day”, and “Set It Off “.  Vivica was kind enough to sit down with Movie Room Reviews and dicuss her new character Gina in the film “It’s Not You, It’s Me”.

Nicholas Leyland from Movie Room Reviews: So you've done such great roles in films like the Kill Bill series and numerous television appearances, but today let's talk about this new film, "It's Not You, It's Me" film and it comes out. It's directed by Nathan Ives and premiers September 18th, right? At the Downtown Independent?

Vivica Fox: Right.

MRR: Okay, and you play Gina. You're like a part of the lead character, Carrie, who is played by Joelle Carter. You play like one-fifth of her personality. What part of Carrie do you play as Gina?

Vivica Fox: I'm the no-filtered, no-bulls*&^ chic that's likes hey, let's have a good time. Get yours before he gets his and you know, she has no reservations about her sexuality. She's like, let's do it and let's have a good time.

MRR: I feel like there's a lot of women that need more of that, or a lot of people in general.

Vivica Fox: [laughter] We'll just say, Gina works for you.

MRR: Gina's the strength, I feel like, in a lot of ways.

Vivica Fox: Absolutely. She's like come on, you're like over there freaking out, being sick, you know all of these other things when it's like, honey, have a good time.

MRR: Right.

Vivica Fox: Don't be so emotional.

MRR: She's the good friend that cares about you and wants you to be strong, you know what I mean?

Vivica Fox: Absolutely.

MRR: It's an interesting way to go about making a film. I've never really seen too many like this. Why are audiences gonna relate to this, you think?

Vivica Fox: Wow! I think that first of all, audience, they love romantic comedies and they love romantic comedies when they're a little bit different. And I think the whole breaking the fourth wall, like, for me, I haven't done a role like this since “Two Can Play That Game”, where you break the fourth wall and you talk to the audience. And so what happens is that you bring the audience into the ways of thinking. Like, you know, a lot of people sometimes, especially black people, when they go to the movies, they wanna talk and drop what they're thinking instead of waiting for it to play out. So this is a way of kind like talking to them and it just involves them a little bit more. So it's audience participation.

MRR: Yeah, I never really thought of it that way. That's a good way to look at it.

Vivica Fox: Oh yeah.

MRR: If you were Carrie, you know, if you could picture a few people that are in your brain like that for Carrie, who would they be?

Vivica Fox: It would definitely be Samantha from Sex and the City. For fashion, it would be Kerry Washington, for fashion and for smarts. And for crazy chic, whew, wow, that's a good one. Crazy chic, not that maybe gets a little psycho on you. Hmm, that's a good one, that's a good one, that's a good one. Hey, I know who. A little bit of Miley Cyrus. Twerk it, baby. Twerk it, baby.


MRR: That was a great answer.

Vivica Fox: Yeah!

MRR: Well, this movie, the weird thing about it is, the unique thing I should say is, that it's filmed with two characters, basically. This man, this woman played by Ross McCall, Joelle Carter, and then you guys are in the brain. You don't exactly have the scenes with them, you're basically talking to them as they're hearing your voices. How was it filmed? .

Vivica Fox: Well, it was really uniquely done to be very honest with you. He did it on a very crisp, white sound stage and I love that he did that because he had all five characters there so for me, it almost played like a stage play. That she was coming to the scene and it was just played like a scene in theater where she would come into the scene and she would just go through the different characters of what she was feeling and it was just like, it just played like a wonderful theater piece to me.

MRR: Was it strange to have to look at the camera the whole time? I'm sure that's a habit that might be tough to break for actors?

Vivica Fox: Well, sometimes we talked to her. Every once in a while we would talk to her but for me, like I said, it wasn't strange for me because I had did it before on “Two Can Play That Game”. So I knew what it was like to break that fourth wall, matter of fact, it was really easy for me. And they were like "Wow, that was great!" So, I kind of had a little bit of experience because when “Two Can Play That Game” was presented to me, I was like, I don't get this. I don't get this. What is this gonna be? And they told me, well look at “Ferris Bueller's Day Off”.   “Ferris Bueller's Day Off”, it just was a good time. It brought you in. He broke the fourth wall. It's like pepper. It's a good seasoning. You can use it. Just don't use too much and it's just the right flavor.

MRR: Right, and I think you guys all did a great job with that.

Vivica Fox: Yeah, and I really liked how they did that. And there hasn't been a film like that in a long time.  And all I can say is that this really encourages audience participation.

MRR: And it's such a unique way of filming that I wanted to ask you too, since, you know, you're this, smart, beautiful, and great actress. And I feel that there's probably more movies being made now than ever before. I'm guessing. I'm not too sure about that, but... How do you make sure you go after the roles that are... Or go after or take the roles that you feel are meant for you?

Vivica Fox: Well, you know, I have learned that I don't have a problem saying, "No." Everything isn't meant for you, and it's okay that it's not meant for you. You know, I hate to play the same character over and over because then you have a tendency to get pigeon-holed. And I've always found out that versatility has been the key to my success. To play different roles. To play, you know, someone that's hot and spicy. To play someone that's strong. To play someone that's a mom. So if you have versatility in the roles that you play, then your career, you'll just have a lot more longevity to it. And then like doing stage, doing theater, doing television, doing movies. There's just so many more opportunities that are now available to me. And especially cable. Cable, that's where all of the good, fun shows and the roles are at. 'Cause you don't have censors.

MRR: [laughter] With all these new venues and everything, have things changed since you first broke through on your earlier shows, like Fresh Prince or Martin, or anything like that?

Vivica Fox: Oh gosh, things have totally changed and, thank God, you know, that we're all evolving. First of all, you start with African Americans in more producing, writing, and directing positions which helps that the stories that you see are little bit more believable. They're a little bit more fun, and that type of thing. And then for women, you know, women, now that it's okay to be in your 40s. You're still getting it. You're still hot. You're still sexy. You're a MILF. Guys still think you're hot. The young guys still thing you're hot because it's less drama and you have less reservation and hang-ups.

MRR: Alright. That's true. I feel like there's a lot more roles these days.

Vivica Fox: Absolutely, there definitely are because, as I said, you have women more in power positions.

MRR: What did you get out of making this film "It's Not You, It's Me", and what do you hope people get out of it?

Vivica Fox: I hope they come to the film and they have a good time. And, first of all I want them to have a good time and that they know that they can bring their guy. It doesn't have to be a chick flick. That's the one thing that we want to make sure. But this, you know guys can learn from this. Girls can learn from this. It's a perfect date movie.

So when they come, I hope that they learn the different ways that the other thinks because their guy friends tell them stuff, and it's totally wrong. Girls, your girlfriends will tell you stuff. It's totally wrong. So it's good to come and see. Hopefully we can educate you and enhance your experiences when it comes to dating.

MRR: Well, I believe that's true. And I've watched the film, and I enjoyed it.

Vivica Fox: You did? !

MRR: Yeah, it's definitely not just a chick film.  I really enjoyed the children voices, I guess, as one of the best parts of the film

Vivica Fox: Oh, I know! They were so cute!

MRR: I think because it's true. It's very true in everyone's brain. And the way that the dialog that they had with their child part of their brain, was, I think it was so true for everybody.

Vivica Fox: Absolutely. I mean, we all have different characters that some days how we feel. Some days you feel strong. Some days you feel like a kid. Some days you feel insecure. Some days you feel like you could kick somebody's ass. Some days you feel slightly crazy. That's what love will do to you. Love will make you do some crazy, deranged things sometimes.

MRR: [laughter] Well, thank you so much. And what else can we look forward to seeing from you in the future? I saw that you have tons of stuff going on.

Vivica Fox: I know, I've been so very blessed. I'm on “Mr. Box Office” which comes on every Friday night on Centric Network. That's costarring Bill Bellamy, Jon Lovitz, Tim Meadows, Essence Atkins, and executive-produced by Byron Allen. I also just finished up on another Hallmark film called “My George” that's going to be coming out in Christmas, where I play a book agent. That was really fun. My hair line, the Vivica Fox Hair Collection is doing absolutely fantastic. I'm also the spokeswoman for RX for Brown Skin.

I've always been so busy. And then, I've got a couple other things that are brewing. But when they come out, we'll make sure that we keep you posted.

MRR: Thank you... Oh, I hope so. And thank you so much.

Vivica Fox: Oh, absolutely!

MRR: Yeah, you have so much going on. That's a mouthful, huh? [chuckle]

Vivica Fox: Yeah, you know, I'm very blessed. Like I said, I've found that versatility has been the key to my success. That for me to do different things, to produce, to act, to stand behind, to brand, and it's been beautiful, you know? It really is. Days have changed. Because there used to be a time that you only just did one thing. You only did movies or you only did television. Those days are gone and I am thankful.

MRR: [laughter] Well thank you so much, Vivica. I really appreciate it and I hope you have a great rest of your day, and I hope the film is a big success. And it comes out September 18th, so our audience will have to go check it out. I believe it comes out, will it come out after that on VOD?

Vivica Fox: Oh, yes. Absolutely, absolutely. For sure, you know they're going to get it out quick. I'm so proud to hear that we've got a nice theatrical release. So that made me really happy.

MRR: Cool. Well, thank you so much and have a good day.

Vivica Fox: You're welcome, Nick. Have a good day!

Here is a link to purchase tickets for the September 18th premiere at the Downtown Independent in LA.