Angelina Jolie a fan of repressed Tigress

June 6th, 2011

Angelina Jolie loves voicing a "repressed" character in 'Kung Fu Panda 2'.

The brunette beauty reprises her role as Tigress in the animated sequel and enjoyed exploring the "hardcore" creature's hardcore personality when recording her parts for the movie.

She said: "She is certainly a character that shows a lot of emotional restraint.

"She's not relaxed. She is somebody that is very good physically, but emotionally is very uncomfortable.

"Part of her voice and part of her personality is closed in that way. You can imagine she doesn't let herself cry or be hurt. She doesn't talk about how she feels. She's quite hardcore.

"It was an interesting voice to play with but it wasn't intended to sound a certain way, it just came out that way I think, because she is so repressed."

The animated sequel sees Jack Black's panda character Po trying to save the world from an evil peacock while coming to terms with the fact Mr. Ping the goose is not his birth father and Angelina - who raises six children, three of whom are adopted, with partner Brad Pitt - was "curious" about how her kids would react to the story.

She added: "My children loved it. I was very curious about how they'd react to the family themes and how my character was raised in an orphanage and then adopted, and in this one Po discovers he is adopted.

"It's one of the more complex stories and films I've ever been involved in, with characters and themes I stand by and believe in."