Jackie Chan is always planning new stunts

August 25th, 2014

Jackie Chan is always planning his next stunt.

The action movie icon and martial artist has admitted when he visits cities around the world, his first though it always focused on how to use the landscape to his benefit and feature it in one of his adrenaline-fuelled films.

He told The Times magazine: ''Most tourists visit a city and admire the architecture.

''If I go somewhere new I look up at the buildings and think, 'Could I jump from that? Could I do a stunt up there?' I'm a bit different.''

The 'Chinese Zodiac' actor also opened up about his beginnings in the movie industry in Hong Kong, and admitted he came ''came very close'' to being dragged into the life of a criminal because of the domination of the gangsters.

He explained: ''I came very close to a life of crime. When I was growing up in Hong Kong there were so many gangster.

''There were even triad members on the stunt teams of films; if you wanted to work, you had to be friends with them.

''They wanted me to join because I was good at fighting. They took me to gambling dens; I lost all my money and they tried to get me to sell opium. I saw so many bad things.''