Jackie Chan lands comedy role

June 28th, 2012

Jackie Chan is to appear in an English-language comedy.

The martial arts star's JC Group International are teaming with Talent International Media Group to produce the project, which is based on an original idea of the actor.

The as-yet untitled film - which will be written by Jay Longino - will see Jackie play a detective who is out to track down an American gambler who has ducked out of a debt he owes to a Macau casino syndicate.

The actor - whose most recent projects have mainly been in Chinese - will also produce the film along with Talent International Media Group's Esmond Ren and InterTitle Films' David Gerson.

Jackie can next be seen in 'Chinese 12 Zodiac', which he also directed, wrote and produced.

The movie is due to premiere in Beijing on December 12 and Jackie has indicated it will be his last action film, though he has no plans to retire completely.

He said: ''They say 'no, you're still young, you can still do it,' but I have to stop one day.

''It hurts, it really hurts. The shoulder, the ankle, it really hurts. You don't know because I still look healthy.

''When I look at Hollywood, at Robert De Niro, he can do anything - comedy, drama.

''Clint Eastwood - 60-70 years old, he can still move. I said yes, that's my goal. Because action stars' life is so short. An actor's life is very long. I want to show audiences I can act.''