Emma Thompson to write Annie

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A couple devastated by the loss of their unborn baby decides to adopt, taking in a girl named Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman). Almost as soon as they welcome the little girl into their home, however, an alarming series of events begins to unfold, leading Kate (Vera Farmiga) to believe that there's something wrong with the her. Concerned for the safety of her family, Kate tries to get her husband John (Peter Sarsgaard) to see past Esther's sweet façade, but her warnings go unheeded.
June 24th, 2011

Emma Thompson has been approached to write the script for a remake of 'Annie' starring Willow Smith.

The British actress - who wrote the screenplays for 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Nanny McPhee' - is in negotiations with Will Smith and Jay-Z to update the classic comedy musical about a bright-haired orphan girl who finds a new home.

Emma - who is currently co-starring with Will as Agent O in 'Men in Black III' - is reportedly the top choice for producers Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and rap star Jay-Z, who is involved in the music of the movie, to adapt the story to suit Willow.

It is unclear if the 52-year-old actress will write a part for herself in the flick.

It was previously revealed 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy has been approached to direct the movie.

The 45-year-old filmmaker - whose most recent cinema outing was with Julia Roberts in romantic comedy 'Eat Pray Love' - has been asked by Sony to consider helming the remake.

Willow, 10, will be the second child of Will and Jada's who will take a starring role in a movie, with Jaden Smith last year heading up an updated version of 'Karate Kid', which grossed $359 million on release.