Simon Bird: Everyone is 'very keen' for Inbetweeners Movie sequel

August 28th, 2012

Simon Bird says ''everyone'' is ''very keen'' for the 'Inbetweeners Movie' sequel to happen.

The 28-year-old actor insists he doesn't known ''anything'' about the plot details for the forthcoming film and he is hoping co-creators Ian Morris and Damon Beesley can make a follow up to this year's comedy motion picture as good as the first movie, which saw the four main characters go on a lads' holiday to Malia.

He said: ''I can tell you that I don't know anything. None of us four have ruled ourselves out, but it's about whether Ian and Damon think they can make it as good as the first one. I know they're currently trying to think of ideas, and Channel 4 and everyone else are obviously very keen for it to happen.''

While Simon and his three main co-stars Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison have not confirmed they are definitely returning for the sequel, the actor admits the quartet get on really well every time they meet up.

He added: ''I see Joe all the time, obviously, but we all try to meet up every couple of months. We have a brotherly relationship because we grew up doing that show and shared that experience of becoming famous together. It's a very deep bond.

''When we meet up, we immediately fall back into a relationship which is sort of based on our 'Inbetweeners' characters. We're far more mature with our other friends than we are when it's just the four of us together.''