Justin Theroux loves bad guy roles

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Danny McBride and James Franco star as warrior brothers in this 2011 fantasy adventure film. The sons of King Tallious (Charles Dance), Fabious (Franco) is dashing and skilled while Thadeous (McBride) is lazy and ineffectual. In order to celebrate his latest victory, Fabious decides to marry his virgin girlfriend Belladona (Zooey Deschanel), but during the ceremony she's kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Leezar (Justin Theroux). In response Thadeous and Fabious set to rescue her alongside their band of knights, which includes Fabious' best friend Boremont (Damian Lewis), and Thadeous' servant Courtney (Rasmus Hardiker). The men visit the Great Wise Wizard, who gives them a magic compass and tells them that they must retrieve the fabled Sword of Unicorn from a labyrinth protected by a Minotaur. Along the way they meet Isabel (Natalie Portman), a fellow warrior who agrees to help them as she's seeking revenge for the murder of her father.
August 13th, 2011

Justin Theroux loves playing a bad guy.

The 'Your Highness' actor - who stars as an evil warlock in the fantasy comedy alongside James Franco and Natalie Portman - revealed he is much happier portraying a villain than a romantic lead.

He explained: "Bad guys are great because you just come in and shout, muster up a little speech and then zap someone and go out. And I must say it was a brilliant experience on 'Your Highness', I've got to play a 10-year-old boy basically."

While Justin loved playing his character Leezar, he admitted he was inspired by Gary Oldman's portrayal of Dracula in the 1992 vampire movie.

He said: "I watched Gary Oldman as Dracula and I knew that if I could improve on his techniques and acting, then, frankly, we'd have a hit on our hands.

"No I'm just kidding. We watched that and we somewhat stole from that, just enough to know we won't get arrested of plagiarism."