Justin Theroux loves bad guy roles

August 13th, 2011

Justin Theroux loves playing a bad guy.

The 'Your Highness' actor - who stars as an evil warlock in the fantasy comedy alongside James Franco and Natalie Portman - revealed he is much happier portraying a villain than a romantic lead.

He explained: "Bad guys are great because you just come in and shout, muster up a little speech and then zap someone and go out. And I must say it was a brilliant experience on 'Your Highness', I've got to play a 10-year-old boy basically."

While Justin loved playing his character Leezar, he admitted he was inspired by Gary Oldman's portrayal of Dracula in the 1992 vampire movie.

He said: "I watched Gary Oldman as Dracula and I knew that if I could improve on his techniques and acting, then, frankly, we'd have a hit on our hands.

"No I'm just kidding. We watched that and we somewhat stole from that, just enough to know we won't get arrested of plagiarism."