Rachel Weisz had fun on Oz set

August 11th, 2012

Rachel Weisz had ''the most fun ever'' making 'Oz: The Great And Powerful'.

The 41-year-old actress went from tough action stunts on 'The Bourne Legacy' to working on the 'Wizard of Oz' prequel with an all-star cast and loved every minute of filming her role as the Wicked Witch of the East.

She said: ''That was the most flat-out fun I have ever had making a film. It's all in the Emerald City. James Franco is the Wizard and I am the Wicked Witch of the East, Mila Kunis is the Wicked Witch of the West and Michelle Williams is Glinda the Good Witch, very saintly and put-upon and beautiful.

''I got to shoot lightning out of my fingertips, fly around in a black sequined dress and wear lots of red lipstick. It was a complete antidote to doing 'Bourne' - not that 'Bourne' needed an antidote.''

Rachel admits she was constantly ''terrified'' on the set of 'The Bourne Legacy' - in which she stars opposite Jeremy Renner - because the stunt work was so challenging.

She told Stylist magazine: ''The stunts were terrifying. There were weeks spent on the back of a motorcycle, with Jeremy riding it, jumping over intersections and down staircases, and jumping off bridges in harnesses and onto moving buses. It was a challenge.

''I was genuinely scared - I didn't have to do any acting at all when we did the action scenes. I would be phoning home saying, 'I'm terrified.' I'm sure it must have been safe but it didn't feel it.''