James Marsden: Russell Brand's job in Hop was easy

March 30th, 2011

James Marsden thinks that his job was more difficult than co-stars Russell Brand whilst filming their new movie.

The American actor stars alongside comedian Russell Brand in the new flick 'Hop', which is a mix of live action and animation and said that Russell's job - recording the voice of the Easter Bunny - was easier.

He said: "As a voice-over artist if something doesn't work, you can go back in, at any time and change the lines."

James - who has previously worked with animated characters in comedy fantasy movie 'Enchanted' -had to film his scenes talking to a stuffed rabbit and he revealed it left him worried because Russell is such a well known comedian.

He told Collider.com: "Here I am with Russell Brand, the world's greatest improvisational comedian. If there's any back-and-forth banter, he's always going to get the good end of it because I'm going to be stuck with what we shoot and he's going to go in and make it funnier."