Kirsten Dunst bans father from seeing Bachelorette

August 24th, 2012

Kirsten Dunst has banned her father from watching 'Bachelorette'.

The 30-year-old actress - whose latest role sees her having sex in a strip club bathroom with James Marsden's alter-ego - has forbidden her dad from ever watching the film because it would be too raunchy and embarrassing for him.

Kirsten told E!: ''I can't do that to him. I didn't even tell him there was an LA premiere. And I was like, 'Yeah, dad - don't even try getting it on iTunes because you will not like this movie.

''You're a prude. You will hate it. I know you!' ''

However, Kirsten wasn't actually shy about filming the sex scene, having filmed awkward romantic encounters in the past.

The blonde beauty said: ''You just roll with it. You hope that you're working with somebody who is chill and not weird and is like, 'Can I touch you here? Can I touch you there?'

''No! Let's just go for it and get it over with.''

The actress stars alongside Isla Fisher and Lizzie Caplan in Leslye Headland's risque comedy about three women who are asked to attend the wedding of a girl they used to bully at school (Rebel Wilson).

Kirsten made her name in teen comedies like cheerleading romp 'Bring It On', but has since found herself cast in more serious roles and is thankful to be given a second chance to show her humorous side.

She explained: ''I've wanted to do a comedy but it's hard sometimes because people don't see you in a comedic way, even though I did most of my teen roles in comedies.

''This was perfect time and a perfect script.''

'Bachelorette' is scheduled for release this autumn.